Blackstar Silverline Deluxe 100w Combo Electric Guitar Amp

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  • Blackstars New Flagship range
  • Boutique designed sound and housing
  • Cutting edge SHARC dsp technology
  • Choose from 6 classic tube sounds
  • A choice of 6 adjustable pre-set tones
  • True Valve power for that tube amp punch
  • ISF contour for classic USA or UK tones
  • 6 studio quality effects, use any 3 simultaneously
  • Speaker emulations and USB connectivity to capture your sound at home or in the studio


Blackstar have been trailblazing the way in innovative amp design for 15 years. The original team have over 50 years premium amp design experience and brought that to bear in what is now a world-leading amp manufacturer. Utilising cutting edge processor technology Blackstar have lead the way in recreating boutique tube amp tones without the weight and obsolescence of valves. The Blackstar Silverline series of amps represents the next step in digital amp technology and goes even further with state of the art processing and sound.

SHARC bite

The Silverline 100w combo uses SHARC digital signal processing (DSP) allowing full articulation of tones and accurate replication of tube sounds. The SHARC processors can process both fixed and floating-point numbers meaning complex frequencies are processed lightning-fast and with absolute ease.

True Valve Power

Blackstar have quite rightly been proud of their TVP technology. With near 100% replication of a variety of tubes found in high-end boutique amps, the Silverline series offers the best bang for your buck choice of tones at any price point. The Silverline 100w offers you a choice of 6 well know valves from classic EL84 tones to high end KT88 super hot valve power.

Every cloud has a ....

Silverline amps are the next step up from the ID series and as such come with 6 adjustable pre-set tones from clean to a high gain overdrive. Each pre-set can be adjusted via volume, gain and EQ controls including Blackstar's ISF control which dials between classic UK and USA tones. The ISF control works best in overdrive mode and acts similar to a contour control. With a fat mid-range when dialled to USA and slightly brighter punchier mid-top end in UK mode.

Boutique Makeover

The Silverline series is not only a technological improvement from the ID range but Blackstar has shifted away from the classic black and given their aesthetic an overhaul. With a glorious matte Silver finish and silver grille front, the new line of amps looks stunning. The Silverline range of amps are all fitted with Celestion V-Type speakers for the absolute best in speaker quality.

Built in effects

The Silverline 100w combo features some built-in effects including delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, tremolo and phaser. The delay and reverb have 4 variants. Reverb comes with room, hall, spring and plate and delay has linear, analogue, tape and multi variants. All the effects are studio quality and you can have three simultaneously. The Silverline series firmware also updates and therefore new effects can be added via USB.

The Silverline 100w combo is a fantastic looking and superb sounding combo. Ideal for home practise or live when mic'd up. There is also a speaker-emulated output that allows you to capture the sound of the amp digitally. You can also achieve the same outcome via USB. The Silverline series of amps is a breakthrough both in features and sound and at prices affordable to everyone. The 100w combo is a great beginner amp or someone looking for s small but feature-laden amp. Grab then while you can, the ID series was one of the most popular modern amps and Silverline will be more as if not more popular.

Power2 x 100 watts
Voices6 Voices; Clean Warm, Clean Bright, Crunch, Super Crunch, OD 1, OD 2
EQBass, Middle and Treble
Patented ISFY
EffectsModulation x 4, Delay x 4 & Reverb x 4
Patch Locations128 Patches
Speaker Emulated Line OutputY
Effects LoopYes (Activate Via Inserts)
Speaker2 x Celestion V Type 12"

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