Pioneer DDJ-RZX
We give you 11 reasons why the Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZX DJ controller might be the last DJ Controller you'll ever need.

The DDJ-RZX might be the last DJ Controller you’ll ever need

Pioneer DDJ-RZX

Pioneer DJ have announced the release of their new DJ controller, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZX 4-Channel Professional Rekordbox DJ Controller – and it’s set tongues wagging in the DJ scene thanks to its intuitive layout, ease of use and almost indestructible construction. Pioneer DJ seem to just get it right with every release and the DDJ-RZX DJ Controller is yet another admirable string to the brand’s bow. Here’s 11 things we absolutely love about it!

    1. You can mix audio AND video!

The three 7-inch touch screen displays do so much more than provide you with track information! Pioneer DJ have made sure you have access to review everything like titles, BPM and key whilst using deck display mode, as well as enlarged waveforms for each track and info on your loops and Hot Cues whilst in mixer display mode, but it doesn’t stop there. You can seamlessly integrate visual content and videos into your live performances, making it a completely versatile instrument.

When using rekordbox DJ and rekordbox Video (you actually a free licence key for rekordbox video bundled with this controller) you can include video and image files loaded into your rekordbox library, load them up as you would an audio file and even add text overlays and FX!

You can actually connect a digital camera to it and stream the live footage of the gig to a screen. The extremely useful transition FX means you can use a crossfader to mix between 2 videos and then manipulate them through the Touch FX. This little feature will surely appeal to those who want to create experiential live performances for their shows.

    1. FX, FX & more FX!

Leave it to Pioneer DJ to provide you with a huge range of control over your sound. The DDJ-RZX comes loaded with 4 preset Sound Color FX buttons which means you have the use of Space, Pitch, Jet and Filter whilst you independently create multiple FX chains with the 16 pads when Pad FX is engaged. It’s also equipped with a Sequencer Mode too which means you can record, loop and sample sequences during a live set!

Pioneer DDJ-RZX

    1. A dedicated Mic section

If you’re working with an MC or you’re throwing some verses down yourself, you’ll appreciate the fact Pioneer DJ have included 2 XLR combo input jacks as much as we do! They’re distortion free even at louder volumes and the dedicated 3-band EQ makes sure you have total control over your vocals in real time. Did we mention FX? Well you’ve even got Echo, Pitch, Reverb and V-Tune to use on each channel too. Sample those vocals and change them on the fly!

    1. Colour code performance pads directly from the hardware

Assigning different colours to each hot cue pad directly from the hardware is a welcome addition to the features of the Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZX. This obviously means you can categorize cues, beats, breakdowns as well as loops and intros – or pretty much anything you like really. Just use the touch screen 7″ display to assign pads to your needs.

    1. Sampler repeat

The intuitive touch screen display comes in handy yet again when using the Sampler Repeat function. All you need to do to edit perfectly looped sequences is move your finger along the Y axis whilst you apply sound colour FX with the X axis. A great feature that makes changing up and editing loops on the fly a breeze.

    1. Connectivity

The 4 channel mixer is completely standalone, and can be hooked up to CDJ’s, XDJ’s and even turntables to it and make use of the on-board FX. This is a huge bonus as any existing hardware you may wish to use can be tagged on to it operated easily. You actually have 6 inputs to choose from allowing you to hook up a host of extra hardware whilst the booth and dual master outputs allow you to connect straight to PA equipment you’re using – especially handy for those professional DJ’s who need a reliable piece of kit for any gigs or parties.

    1. Brand new Oscillator Sampler

The cool new Oscillator Sampler allows you to take advantage of four pre-set sounds. Choose from Horn, Sine, Siren and Noise and even modulate the output to create an even more unique sound. Of course you can also create samples yourself and trigger them via pads that you have assigned in rekordbox DJ.

    1. Crossfader capable of 10 Million movements

There’s not much worse than a crossfader deciding to give up the ghost mid set. So you have the experts at Pioneer DJ to thank for the new crossfader which is actually capable of over 10 million movements – that should be enough to last you for quite some time!

    1. Active sensor

If you’re playing gigs or parties where any explicit language might not go down so well, the intuitive Active Censor within rekordbox DJ really comes in handy. You can set it anywhere within a track and apply Reverse Roll, Trans, Echo or Vinyl Brake FX which will trigger each time the track is heard at the exact spot you need it to.

Pioneer DDJ-RZX

    1. Hook up 2 computers at once with dual USB ports

Pioneer DJ understand the needs of the modern musician, and that sometimes one laptop is simply not enough when it comes to creating your unique sound. So in true Pioneer DJ fashion, the DDJ-RZX includes 2 USB sound cards and ports which will allow you to hook up 2 laptops (or PC’s) at the same time. You can even use the top loaded A/B switch to transition between the two. A great new feature from Pioneer DJ.

  1. Loads of software included

Did we mention that you also get a whole host of software included with the DDJ-RZX too? Well, in actual fact you get 3 licence keys for 3 great programs – rekordbox dj, rekordbox dvs and rekordbox video. With rekordbox dvs, you get highly responsive scratch control over the music loaded into your rekordbox library – a welcome freebie from the brand. The extremely useful rekorbox video (and one of the coolest inventions ever) lets you load videos as well as image files straight to your decks for you to manipulate as we’ve discussed earlier – but adding this as well as rekorbox dj? Well, they’re obviously just spoiling us now!

This Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZX might just be the last DJ controller you’ll ever need!

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