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2012 – The Year of iPad Recording

2012 – The Year of iPad Recording

2012 may well be remembered as the year that the iPad recording studio became a reality…

iPad Recording - Integra-7 Editor
It would be fair to say that 2012 was the year that iPad recording came of age. The iPad’s power as a multimedia computer with a stunning, multi-touch interface made it an excellent platform for music software, but the means of getting audio in and out of the it were limited. This year has seen an arsenal of new devices designed specifically for use with Apple’s tablet, turning it into a truly capable DAW.

With music apps arriving daily (Steinberg Cubasis one of the most recent), there has never been a better time to get involved with the iPad recording revolution. Here is some of the best iPad musical gear released in 2012. (*Prices correct as of 28/12/12)

Focusrite iTrack Solo - iPad

Focusrite iTrack Solo – £129.99

In 2012, Focusrite made its first step into the world the iPad, with the iTrack Solo audio interface. Focusrite’s interfaces have long been lauded for their audio quality, and the superb microphone pre-amps equipped. The iTrack has one of these excellent pre-amps, with an XLR phantom powered microphone pre, and an equally high quality guitar input featuring on the front panel.

A stereo headphone output and master output also feature. Compatibility with Mac and PC, along with iPad makes a great, compact interface for a wide variety of recording situations.

Roland Integra-7 Sound Module

Roland Integra-7 – £1,199.00

Whilst not strictly an iPad recording device, the Integra-7 ‘s integration with iPad provides an excellent illustration of the possibilities offered by Apple’s tablet. Roland has not produced a new sound module for some time. Many players have bemoaned the lack of modules available today, and clearly, Roland has listened.

So, what does Roland put into a modern sound module. In a word, everything, and then a bit more. The Integra-7 is like Roland’s ‘greatest hits’. It features all of the best Supernatural sounds from the TD-30 drum kit, Jupiter keyboards, and all of the sounds from the legendary XV-5080 sound module, too.

Roland Integra-7

The module can be used with an iPad via a USB cable, or via Roland’s wireless dongle. Via a free app, all sound and effects parameters can be edited easily and intuitively, providing a huge, easy to use, portable control panel.

The unit’s Motional Surround feature (which allows sounds to be ‘placed’ in a virtual 3D space via stereo speakers or a full 5.1 setup) can also be edited via the iPad. A glimpse of the future? Quite possibly…

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