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The Guitar Tuner Pedal is a convenient staple of live performances – here are 5 great current models…

If you’re playing electric guitar live, using a pocket guitar tuner, or even clip-on guitar tuner is not a very practical option. Disconnecting cables, searching gig-bags, and fiddling about with tiny boxes doesn’t sit well with an impatient audience.

No- far better to activate a guitar tuner pedal with your foot, quickly tune via the display, then switch it off, with normal service resumed and minimum fuss.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of extending your pedal board with a pedal format tuner, here are five of the best models currently available.

Guitar Tuner Pedal - Boss TU-3 Tuner Pedal display

Boss TU-3 Tuner

The Boss TU-3 takes over from one of the most popular guitar tuner pedals ever made, the TU-2. With such a successful predecessor, how could Boss improve? In short, the unit is a refinement of everything that made the TU-2 great.

The display is more accurate, with more led segments, and a brightness control so that it can be adjusted for all situations. Flat mode allows the TU-3 to be used for extreme drop tuning and 7-string guitars. Plus, the unit is even more accurate than its predecessor.

Crucially, it is built to the extraordinary standards that have underpinned the Boss compact range for decades. Should there ever be a nuclear war, 2 things will survive- cockroaches and Boss pedals.
Rowin LT-920 Tuner PSU Pedal

Rowin LT-920 Tuner PSU Pedal

The Rowin range of pedals are definitely turning heads due to the fact they provide musicians with extremely high-quality effects housed in an almost indestructible casing at an extremely budget-friendly price. The LT-920 Tuner PSU Pedal makes our best tuner pedals list thanks to the fact it’s a high precision chromatic tuning pedal that gives you the accuracy you need at all times. However, this is not your normal tuner pedal. This nifty piece of kit is also a power supply for your other pedals. In fact, you can power up to eight 9v pedals through this pedal, meaning you can instantly clean up your pedal board, say goodbye to unreliable 9v batteries and appreciate far greater clarity of effects thanks to the true bypass system. A real bargain that is perfect for musicians of all levels.

Dr Tone FTN101 Electric Guitar Tuner

Dr. Tone FTN101

The DR. Tone FTN101 guitar tuner pedal is a real bargain. A neat, compact design, with some lovely retro styling, this compact chromatic tuner offers drop-tuning support alongside its standard chromatic mode.

The unit can be powered via batteries or via mains power (PSU not supplied), and provides a nice big LED display. And all for less than half a tank of petrol for an average saloon car…

BOSS TU-3W Waza Craft Chromatic Tuner

BOSS TU-3W Waza Craft Chromatic Tuner

The BOSS TU-3W Waza Craft Chromatic Tuner comes from the BOSS family’s premium line of pedals. The Waza Craft technology increases performance vi a 21-segment LED display that guarantees exceptionally precise tuning accuracy at all times. For those who are familiar with BOSS pedals, you’ll know that their line features a buffered signal. However, with the TU-3W you have the choice of switching between buffered and true bypass instantly. The TU-3W is perfect for tuning guitars and basses with extended ranges or if you need “drop tuning” without any fuss. Let’s be honest here; it looks really cool too, with it’s black covering and blue LED display! The 9v DC out means you can power a range of pedals by daisy-chaining them together – a great little feature for those who have multiple pedals. This pedal is everything you’ve come to love about the industry standard tuner, with a few added extras for the discerning musician.

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