If you’re looking for ways to take your guitar tone into new territory, these 5 Guitar Effects Pedals could be inspirational…

Whilst there is a myriad of guitar effects pedals available, the vast majority produce the same selection of fairly similar effects types. But what if you want venture ‘off-piste’ and explore new tonal territory.

Of course, you could experiment with routing your existing pedal board in new ways, and trying new settings.

However, there are a number of effects pedals that venture into unexplored tonal lands. These can be hugely inspirational effects, and take your playing into new places. Here’s a mini guide to five of the more unusual guitar effects available from Dawsons.

Boss MO-2 Multi-Overtone

Boss MO-2 Multi-Overtone

When the MO-2 was announced a few weeks ago, many found it tricky to describe exactly what it did to your guitar tone.

This is a very good thing. From what we know, it seems to act as a combination of a transient shaper, harmoniser (of sorts) and filter, to create tones that can range from shimmering, to flute or organ like or even synth style tones.

With 4 simple controls, a whole new palette of tones is at your fingertips.

Electro Harmonix Ravish Sitar

Electro Harmonix is renowned as pioneers of guitar effects that defy description.

The Ravish Sitar is one such effects pedal. As the name suggests, it transforms your guitar tone into something akin to a Sitar.

With polyphonic lead tones alongside drone notes that can tuned according to the players choice, react dynamically and can even be chosen from the guitar itself, the Ravish Sitar does a more authentic job than any other guitar effects pedal ever has before.

Boss RE-20 Space Echo

Boss RE-20 Space Echo

The Space Echo is one of the most revered effects ever made, with vintage models commanding huge amounts on the second hand market.

This is in part due to the spacious, warm tone this vintage effect produced, and in part due to the fact that, if you threw convention out of the window, you could create incredible, unearthly effects.

The new, Boss RE-20 recreation loses none of the original’s charm, but adds longer delay times, and not a tape in sight…

Electro Harmonix Super Ego

Electro Harmonix Superego Synth Engine Effect Pedal

Another unusual pedal from NY’s finest, the Superego combines some of the features of the Freeze pedal to create an effect capable of infinite sustain and synth-like effects.

With latch or auto modes, notes are held and can be shaped with onboard controls to create amazing ambient or glissando style tones.

In addition, a separate effects loop allows an effects loop to be applied to just the synth tone of this pedal. Nice.

Electro Harmonix POG2

Electro Harmonix POG2

The EHX POG2 is a polyphonic octave generator renowned for excellent tracking and it’s ability to create huge, lush textures. The uses for this pedal really are only limited by your imagination, with some players creating organ-like sounds to fool even the keenest ear while others use it for convincing bass imitations.

There are plenty of additional features on-board too with 8 programmable presets, attack slider and a low-pass filter with adjustable Q for serious editing capabilities.

These 5 guitar effects pedals provide a massive range of tonal possibilities. Visit one of our stores to give them a try (call ahead for availability), call our customer service team for more information (01925 582420) or order online today.