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The beauty of social media, and Instagram specifically, is that it’s possible to build an audience regardless of your skill level or approach to guitar playing. Post a video and get instant feedback, encouragement and if you’re lucky, a returning fanbase. The one minute limit on Instagram videos also means that the creator has to be direct with their playing to grab the viewer’s attention.

In this blog we’ll take a look at some of favourite musicians on the ‘gram. This is not an exhaustive nor a definitive list, but we’ve chosen some accounts that capture the essence of playing the guitar and enjoyment it brings.

Daniel Donato

Since picking up the guitar at 12, Donato has built up a solid reputation in his native Nashville and is flying the flag for modern Americana. Playing wonderful country licks, he has been described as ‘the new master of the Telecaster’. His oft used #cosmiccountry tag describes the style of his playing perfectly and his virtuosity is second to none.


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Whilst he uses several guitars, he is best known for his mastery of the aforementioned Fender Telecaster.

Annie Wagstaff

London based guitarist Annie Wagstaff’s channel is full of cool jams, riffage and compositions. The video below is a really great example of a Loop pedal at work.

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Her collaborations with keyboard and percussionist Hannah Koppenburg  demonstrate diverse playing styles and show playing music as it should be… FUN!


A more reserved musician, the best way to describe Ichika would be otherworldly. He plays a highly technical two-hand melodic style, yet his sound is quite difficult to pin down. His mastery of the 7 string is something to behold.

Ichika’s star has risen to the extent that he is now sponsored by Ibanez and featured on their homepage! His main weapon of choice is the Ibanez RGAIX7U

Here he is showing off his talents on the Ibanez S1027PBF.


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Melanie Faye

Melanie Faye’s profile has risen considerably since being featured in pop culture bible The Fader, with the headline ‘Melanie Faye’s Divine Guitar Skills Will Make You Cry’.

The amazing thing about Melanie Faye’s Instagram videos is seeing her talent develop. Watch earlier videos and the talent is obvious, watch later videos and the development is incredible.

Her modern R&B, blues style separate her from the usual Instagram guitarist. Faye’s brilliant clean tones coupled with a raw musicality make her one to watch.

We love her Fender Strat in Lake Placid Blue.


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Rhys Gilchrist

Edinburgh’s Rhys Gilchrist is a guitarist with ukelele/guitarlele tendencies.

Of all the guitarists on the list, it can be said that Gilchrist is the most atypical of an Instagram musician. Lo-fi set up? Check. Fun and interesting playing? Check. Cameos and jams with friends? Check! These things all make for a great account. We particularly enjoyed his version of I Wanna Be Like You


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Rhys uses a wide variety of guitars but we especially enjoy his use of an unusual instrument: The Yamaha GL-1 Guitarlele

Shane Barnes

We couldn’t have a list without a leftie! Shane Barnes is a Seattle based guitar tutor. He posts gear, guitar exercises, and demonstrates some serious virtuousity. His style varies from jazz to Slash-esque shredding. Definitely one to follow if you’re learning or trying to improve your playing technique.


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Tone is important, and seeing as we’ve already included a Telecaster in the list, we’ve chosen the awesome Yamaha THR-10 as Shane’s key piece of gear!

Instagrammer of the week

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