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You might have noticed that folk has had something of renaissance of late. You may be thinking that adding a folk ‘flavour’ to your music might require a sizeable investment. Well, you’d be wrong.

If you fancy adding a touch of folk to your band without blowing your life savings, you could pickup the entire acoustic folk set-up below for less than £500. This leaves plenty for flat caps and tweed jackets…

Mirage Cajon SL – Natural – Birch Effect – £39

Mirage Cajon SL - Natural - Birch Effect

You’ll need some appropriate percussion for your new folk outfit, so why not start with this Mirage Cajon SL. This deceptively simple drum is fitted with snare style strings that can be adjusted via the soundhole, so getting deep kick drum-like sounds, to sharp snappy snare-like sounds can be achieved in an instant.  In practice, it sounds like a kit played with brushes.There’s also built-in sleigh bells for an authentic sound too!  If you’re a fan of the Cajon but want to go a bit louder, it’s also definitely worth checking out the new Roland EC-10 Electric Cajon – yes it’s out of our budget, but it’s pretty cool and capable of so many different sounds!

Stagg Half-Moon Tambourine – £10.99

Acoustic Folk Set-up For Under £400

For adding an extra percussive element to your folk sound, this Stagg tambourine is perfect. With 16 jingles, it cuts through most mixes, and a convenient handle makes it easy to play, too.

Epiphone MB100 – £169.00

Acoustic Folk Set-up For Under £400

The Banjo is a key element of the modern folk sound. Trying it within your band doesn’t mean spending a small fortune, however. This Epiphone 5-string model is a bit of a bargain. A compact, open-backed design, it’s pretty portable to boot.

Redwood AG-2 Guitar – £59

Redwood AG-2 Acoustic Guitar

If you haven’t already got an acoustic guitar, the Redwood AG-2 is a great, affordable option. Perfect for taking along to festivals or BBQ jam sessions (when the dry weather returns…), this is also a great way of trying out an acoustic sound in an inexpensive.

Stentor Student II Violin Outfit 4-4 Size – £142.00

Stentor Student II Violin Outfit 3-4 Size

If you need the classic, folk flavour, then a violin is the key. Evocative of both traditional folk music, and modern, pop-folk too, a violin adds immensely to any acoustic folk project.

This is a complete, full sized model with case and bow for under £130.

Hohner Blues Harp – £30.99

Acoustic Folk Set-up For Under £400

If your intended folk sound leans more towards blues, then a harmonica is a must. The Blues Harp is a bit of a classic design, and at this price, you can’t really go wrong. They’re available in a wide range of keys, so finding something that is pitched to suit your music shouldn’t be a problem.

Should want all of the above, it will cost just *£491.97 at current prices. Folk has never been so affordable…

*Tweed jacket, cider, and waistcoats sold separately.

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