Acoustic Guitar Songs

Here are five acoustic guitar songs that will make your mouth fall open, involuntarily…

All acoustic guitar songs are not created equal. Whilst clearly, a huge amount depends on personal opinion, from a technical perspective, there are some guitarists who can’t help but dazzle with their performances.

Here, we have a list of five truly astonishing performances on the acoustic guitar, to inspire you (perhaps) to keep practising those scales.

Jon Gomm – Passionflower

Every now and again, a guitarist comes along whose approach to playing is at odds with conventional thought. Jon Gomm is one such player. Heavily influenced by fellow guitar pioneer, Mike Hedges, his (ab)use of the guitar is breathtaking. Incorporating both the body as a percussive instrument, and using the machine heads to creating sliding tones on the fly, Passionflower is one of those acoustic guitar songs that will completely change your perspective on the guitar.

Tommy Emmanuel – Day Tripper/ Lady Madonna

Some guitar players who play fingerstyle see it as something of a challenge to sound like two guitarists at the same time. Not Tommy Emmanuel, however. He seems to play the bass, melody, chords and any other part from a song with sickening ease. Check out this performance for ample evidence. Like several acoustic guitar songs played simultaneously…

Joscho Stephan – Django’s Tiger

Joscho Stephan might be the greatest guitarist you’ve never heard of. Granted, the Gypsy Jazz scene isn’t huge, in the grand musical scheme of things. However, it is rather staggering that a player with his extraordinary chops could be little known outside of his chosen musical genre.

This performance plays almost like a ‘guitar battle’ with himself- every repetition becomes more and more technically extravagant, until you find yourself sat with your mouth hanging open…

Andy McKee – Drifting

Andy McKee is another guitarist responsible for changing players’ perspectives on technique. The US guitarist is famed for his unique combination of fingerstyle, two-handed tapping, and body percussion. The results are pretty staggering, as can be heard here. Acoustic guitar songs will never be the same again…

Paco De Lucia and Al Di Meola

It might seem unfair to include a performance that is a duet by two of the guitar world’s true legends. However, the solo output by each would be equally worthy of this list. Many guitarists regard Paco De Lucia as the greatest living flamenco player. Al Di Meola holds an equally esteemed position in the world of Jazz. Here, the two combine to mesmerising effect…

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