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Piano Lessons.

Junior Music Course, 4 to 5 years of age.

Our Junior Music Course is the best possible introduction that a young child can have to the world of music. Open to children starting between the ages of 4 and 5, it offers them a unique chance to make music during a critical period in their development.

Junior Musical Course classes are taught in groups of up to 10, and by making music together the confidence and self-esteem of the children gets a huge boost. Many parents report that their children’s listening and social skills are also considerably enhanced.

To maintain the attention and motivation of such young children the teacher will have prepared many different activities for each lesson, blending concentration, relaxation, music games, listening, singing and playing. And, as a parent, you are actively encouraged to join your child in the classroom and share the fun!

Junior Piano Course, 6 to 7 years of age.

Our Junior Piano Course provides a fun and stimulating environment in which children can enjoy making music on a piano-keyboard. It is open to beginners aged between six and seven and is designed to build a strong foundation for further piano study. At this age a child’s attention span has also started to lengthen, and they find it easier to stay focused for much longer.

Above all we believe that a fun approach to learning music is vitally important and we achieve this through listening, singing and reading activities. Course material consists of a series of themed textbooks with a visually striking presentation designed to appeal strongly to children of this age. An examination syllabus is available for the course, and in turn this leads to a fully accredited Trinity College of London Grade qualification.

Piano Courses, 8 years and above.

Our courses are ideal for those who want to learn the piano in a fun and imaginative atmosphere. Working in an average group size of 6-8, pupils have the additional advantage of being able to play by ear as well as reading music in a more formal and traditional way as lessons progress.

The course is for both children and adults alike, and attracts many who used to learn and find they want to come back to study in a more informal, stress-free environment. As well as reading and playing music the course also focuses on improvisation, accompaniment and arranging music.

Exams are optional but follow a fully accredited Trinity College London exam syllabus and will take the student from beginner to Grade 8 and beyond.

Karen A Ward LTCL – Piano teacher, junior courses.

karen ward

Karen began teaching 29 years ago at an independent school in Southport, owned by her music teacher, becoming one of the youngest Yamaha tutors in the country.

In addition to teaching all age groups her Yamaha work also involved presenting music workshops in primary schools nationwide, planning and delivering initial teacher training, follow-up seminars, and quality assuring the work of other teachers.

Karen has taught in both the public and private sectors in various music schools throughout the North West, as well as owning and running her own schools. She joined Dawsons in 1994 to run their classes in Wigan before moving to the Altrincham School in 1999.

More recently, she has taken responsibility for the co-ordination of music in two primary schools in Southport, delivering whole class music to KS1 & KS2 using ‘Voices Foundation’ techniques. She also holds the position of Early Years music teacher at Yarrow House nursery in Southport.

Andrew Smith BA(Hons) ARCM.

andrew smith

Andrew has been based in Manchester since 1996 where he currently teaches piano at our Dawsons Music School in Altrincham. In his 33 years of teaching he has taught across all age ranges and has undertaken work as accompanist, composer and arranger and has also been invited onto the panel responsible for the new Trinity keyboard syllabus. In addition he has been involved in teacher training and development across the country with Yamaha Music Schools.

He joined Trinity College London in 2004 and has examined extensively throughout the UK and abroad. As well as Trinity diploma, classical and jazz grade exams he also examines the popular Rock and Pop syllabus.

At Leicester University he studied piano with James Walker and Marlene Fleet and was awarded a scholarship to travel to Poland for the Warsaw Contemporary Music Festival. Shortly afterwards he became an Associate of the Royal College of Music and began his teaching career at Bilton Grange and Rugby School.

He then spent nine years running music departments in two large international schools in Cairo and performed extensively within Egypt as well as teaching undergraduates at the Cairo Conservatoire. Before returning to the UK he took up a teaching position in a music school in Iceland and enjoyed playing in a saxophone quartet.

Charlie Powell Bmus.

charlie powell

Charlie is the most recent addition to our piano school, and actually began his musical journey learning at the Dawsons School himself from the age of 7. He studied there for 11 years right through to Grade 8. If ever there were proof of the school’s success in developing young musicians Charlie must surely be it!

He continued his musical education at University of Huddersfield where, in 2014, he completed his Bachelors Degree in Music.

Aside from teaching Charlie is also the piano player in an originals rock band and is currently working on his own solo album.

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  1. Hi,

    I was just wondering if the lessons were private or all group lessons?
    & can I still take lessons if I dont have a Piano at home?


    • Hi Laurie

      Teachers usually offer group and individual lessons- group lessons are slightly cheaper, however. Of course, you can still take lessons without a piano at home, but without at least a keyboard to practice on, it’s likely that you will find progress very slow.

      If you give the school a call, the teacher will happily discuss all of your concerns.