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Discussing the new Fender 2016 Deluxe range of guitars

2016 has been an absolute landmark year for Fender, with the brand releasing some absolute essential instruments and amplifiers for professional musicians such as the Elite Range and Fender Bassbreaker series of amps. The release of the Fender Elite range in particular has seen the brand implement modern design techniques that make everyone’s lives a lot easier such as easy access to the truss rod, modern C shape neck and a contoured neck heel. We actually covered the new range in a blog which you can read here.

The new American Elite range was a higher budget line of guitars, but with this in mind, Fender, being the awesome brand that they are, released a follow-up range of guitars which included some of the more modern modifications and same high build quality out of their Mexican factory with a more budget friendly price tag to ensure everyone had access to a selection of these great improvements. They called it the 2016 Deluxe range, and the results certainly did not disappoint with a range of Stratocasters, Telecasters and Thinline models taking the music world by storm.

Today we’re going to discuss the new Fender 2016 Deluxe range and pick five of our favourites from this great selection of guitars.

Fender 2016 Deluxe Telecaster Thinline RW Guitar

Fender 2016 Deluxe Telecaster Thinline RW Guitar - 3 Colour Sunburst

When you want the best of vintage meets modern in a guitar, look no further than the Fender 2016 Deluxe Telecaster Thinline. This new model from Fender marries that vintage style with modern modifications effortlessly to create a new go-to guitar for the professional musician. You have an awesome pair of Vintage noiseless single-coil Tele pickups in the bridge and neck positions with 4-way control offering a fatter, hotter output and superior control over your sound. It’s worth noting that the 4th position combines both of these great pickups in series giving you a hotter output and seriously punchy midrange – ideal for when you need to bust out a solo or add some extra power to those heavy rock riffs. In regards to those modern adjustments, you also have the locking short post tuning machines for extra tuning stability and quick string changes as well as the C shaped neck for playing comfort on both ends of the maple neck. If you’re in the market for a Thinline Telecaster, we suggest you try this one out for sure.

Fender 2016 Deluxe Stratocaster MN HSS

Fender 2016 Deluxe Stratocaster Maple HSS Guitar

For those who want that Stratocaster feel, playability and overall tone, but need the option to increase the power when the occasion calls for it, may we recommend the Fender 2016 Deluxe Stratocaster MN HSS. This Deluxe model incorporates all the character of the Stratocaster, but adds a Twin Head Vintage Humbucking pickup to provide you with a heated, yet rich tone. However, the tonal possibilities don’t stop there. Not only do you have Vintage Noisless pickups in the bridge and middle positions for that classic strat sound, but you can also engage the built-in S-1 switch to single out the rear coil of the bridge pickup. Go from humbucking fat tones, to the signature Stratocaster sound in an instant – when paired with a Bassbreaker, this thing absolutely wails! In terms of playability, the neck has been improved thanks to the contoured neck heel which allows better access to the higher frets when you’re noodling away. The traditional alder body feels amazing and really adds to the overall sustain and tone of the guitar – so feel free to solo as much as you want! Available with both Maple and Rosewood necks.

ender 2016 Deluxe Roadhouse Stratocaster

Fender 2016 Deluxe Roadhouse Stratocaster

The Fender 2016 Roadhouse Stratocaster is a huge highlight for us here owing to its unique tonal capabilities. Of course you have the three single-coil Vintage Noiseless pickups to choose from, offering a wide variety of great tones and signature Stratocaster sounds, but it’s the S-1 switch that fans of pure tones will really appreciate. The S-1 switch located in the master volume pot bypasses the preamp offering the purest of pickup sounds and really allowing the Roadhouse strat to sing. The partnership of this interesting addition with the alder body ensures you have a guitar that can really sing when you want it to. The ample neck is seriously comfortable to play and the contoured heel ensures playing fatigue is reduced when you’re flying up and down the neck. It’s available with either a Rosewood or Maple fingerboard too.

Fender 2016 Deluxe Nashville Telecaster

Fender 2016 Deluxe Nashville Telecaster Maple Fingerboard

Next up we have the Fender 2016 Deluxe Nashville Telecaster, which is a great addition to the brand’s already impressive line-up of guitars. The interesting, and probably most obvious difference with this tele in comparison to others is the addition of a third pickup in the middle position. This isn’t just any pickup setup by the way, Fender have thoroughly provided guitarists with a great tonally versatile option by including two noise free Vintage Noiseless Tele’ pickups in the bridge and neck position and added a single-coil Strat pickup in the middle position. This offers fans of the Telecaster so much more in terms of tonal variety without ever taking away from that signature tele sound that they love. The five-way Strat-o-Tone pickup switching ensures you can change your sound up on the fly and blend your tone to your needs. As with all the 2016 Deluxe models, you have the modern C profile neck to thank for superior comfort. The 22 narrow tall frets and flatter design of the 12” radius makes this Nashville Tele a pleasure to play.

Fender 2016 Deluxe Stratocaster

Fender 2016 Deluxe Stratocaster MN Guitar - Vintage Blonde

Finally, we have an absolute classic. The Fender 2016 Deluxe Stratocaster features that reliable SSS pickup configuration, this time with 3 Vintage Noisless single-coil pickups providing the player with that true Stratocaster sound without any hum or interference. You also have a great Push/Push mini-switch to located between the two tone pots which can activate a blend of the Middle, Neck and Bridge pickups in position 4, or a combination of the Neck and Bridge pickups in position 5 which furthers the tonal versatility of this guitar. The modern two point synchronised tremolo bridge with bent steel saddle maintains a strong connection between the body and strings to provide stability as well as an easily manipulated tremolo arm for those vibrato sounds we all love. Dive bombs ahoy! Our favourite has to be this great model in Vintage blond and Maple neck and fretboard.

So there you have it – 5 great options from the 2016 Fender Deluxe range. We are certainly impressed by their playability and their affordability too. Check out the full range over at the Dawsons website and call in to your local store to try one for yourself.