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Amy Winehouse: Ten years Gone

Amy Winehouse: Ten years Gone

We Only Said Goodbye With Words.

Ten years ago, the world said goodbye to one of its most precious, vital and brightest stars. Synonymous with the jazz and blues revival of the mid-2000s, Amy Winehouse swiftly carved out and cemented her niche as one of the leading figures in a rejuvenated mainstream movement of strong female role models in popular music. 

Beginning her career in music at age 16, after a classmate passed on a demo tape to a record label, Amy signed her first record deal, before rapidly blossoming into an idol of a contemporary jazz and blues renaissance; blending genres seamlessly while her powerful, yet often fragile voice effortlessly expressed a strong control and dynamics on tracks such as 'Love Is a Losing Game,' 'Stronger Than Me' and 'Back To Black.'

At the height of her fame and skill, collaborations with Mark Ronson and The Zutons swiftly elevated her into a cultural icon and the quintessential epitome of British music and culture, before her untimely passing in 2011. Join us as we remember an icon of music and our five favourite Amy Winehouse performances. 

5- 'You Know I'm No Good'/'Rehab' Unplugged. Live VH1 Brazil, 2008.

Singing with a deeply melancholic aura, her performance against the colourful embellishments of the acoustic guitar paints a sombre portrayal of the lyrics behind 'You Know I'm No Good.' One of the most powerful moments an audience can experience is when an artist looks back to the moments that inspired their lyrics, and you can hear and feel their emotions pour out in every word. However, the contrast here is both haunting and beautiful, as little emotion is expressed and yet we can see every emotion behind the lyrics sung as Amy floats through these songs with effortless stoicism and control. 

4- 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine.' Live at Jools Holland, 2006

In an astonishing display of musicianship and class from the full band, Winehouse and Paul Weller deliver a truly incendiary rendition of Marvin Gaye's Motown classic 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine.' The tenacity in Winehouse's voice can be heard dominating the powerhouse of a band as Weller's soft melodies and understated guitar playing serve to infuse ultra-cool soul and style to this pseudo-gospel take on the blues.

3- 'Valerie' Unplugged. The DL Live, 2007

In 2007, Winehouse and Mark Ronson collaborated on a cover of the classic Zutons track 'Valerie,' and created something far more powerful and anthemic than anything in British music culture for a long time, fusing pop with heavy doses of classic R&B and Soul. The significance of Amy's performance breathed new life into an already huge track and she made it her own, in her own fabulous way. Amy's unplugged performance in 2007 gives fans an opportunity to experience an incredibly intimate performance with little standing in the way of one mighty voice and a guitar. A small room, natural reverb, no FX and a huge voice, what more do you need?

2- 'Don't Go To Strangers.' Live at Jools Holland, 2006

Another flawless ode to '60s soul and lovelorn balladry from Amy's immortal 2006 Jools Holland performance. Crooning her way through Etta Jones' heartfelt letter to a lover, Amy's voice displays an often understated fragility and tenderness that can't be found with such equal sincerity in contemporary 'pop' music these days; weaving in and out of Paul Weller's gentle whispers to 'build your dreams to the stars above...' in a deeply emotive call and response. Exposing her heart for all to see through every word, Amy's tonality and control of her distinctive alto-croak proudly express her allegiance to '40s jazz and the era of big band ballads.

1- 'Love Is A Losing Game.' Live on Other Voices, 2006

Our top spot is reserved solely for this sombre tale of love, loss and longing. At her absolute peak of vocal control, artistic honesty and unfiltered expression, Winehouse delivers a truly mesmerising performance of this 'Back To Black' lullaby. The beauty of Amy's prowess is that often her most powerful performances rested solely on the strength and vigour of her voice, with no need for dilution or distraction. Just listen to the words for what they really are and you'll hear every nuance of her emotional connection to her lyrics, and see every ounce of conviction to her craft. A true icon and master of her artistry sorely missed, remembered truthfully and long to be seen again in this generation; there is no greater love.

Special Mention: 'Stronger Than Me.' Live on Later...With Jools Holland, 2003

A dazzling gem from early in her career, Amy's control during the ebbs and flows of her debut album track proudly shows off her vocal dynamism, a premonition of the stardom that awaited her. Possessing an extraordinary feel and talent for the guitar, coupled with a spine-tingling vocal vibrato and use of both 'chest' and 'head' voices, 'Stronger Than Me' sails through the arrangement effortlessly, never losing momentum in an otherwise candlelit, underground jazz serenade.