Signature Guitars: Which Camp Are You In?

When is a signature guitar not a signature guitar? It must be great to be a working, successful musician. Imagine a situation where your latest record is being played everywhere. Fans are chasing you through the supermarket while you deliberate over which breakfast cereal to buy. Your stock could not be higher. Then, you receive… Read More

Line 6 Helix LT Review

Hefty multi-fx shows evolution of veteran brand As a younger player, making my way through the initial stages of learning the guitar, the name Line 6 really started to take off. The company produced mostly amplifiers with all kinds of unique techno-frippery inside. You could make your guitar sound like it was coming out of… Read More

The Best Left-Handed Guitarists

Southpaw six-stringers flying the flag Apparently only 10% of the world’s population are left handed. It’s reasonable therefore to assume that one in ten guitarists would also be left handed. So how come it never seems that way? As a right handed person I realise I’m on the outside looking in to the world of… Read More

How To Become A YouTube Musician

Making your way in a digital world In today’s world of constantly connected devices, where people spend large chunks of their lives with smartphones poised mere inches from their faces, it makes sense that the big stars of now aren’t found on TV. They are just as likely to be unearthed making short videos from… Read More

Getting Started With Ableton Push 2

One controller to rule them all Ableton is best known for its DAW (digital audio workstation) juggernaut Live. Now in its ninth iteration, Live has become the centrepiece of studios, stages and bedroom setups the world over. It differs from other DAWs in that it is as much geared towards performance as it is towards… Read More

What Happens When Musical Genres Collide

Greater than the sum of their parts Music is wonderful in that, no matter how hard people try, it cannot always be put into little pigeonholes. For the most part, musicians and performers are creative souls. With creativity usually comes a sense of curiosity. “Will it work if I throw a 200bpm breakbeat over this… Read More

Getting Started With The Teenage Engineering OP-1

Unleash the potential of the magic Swedish box In 2011, Swedish audio firm Teenage Engineering released their now-flagship device, the OP-1. As well as looking like something from a museum of modern art (indeed, it actually is) this device promised an entire, portable electronic music studio in a very small footprint. It looks, at the… Read More

How To Sound Like: The 1975

Louche Pop Hooks From the North West of England   The North West of England has been responsible for some of the best known musical talent around the world. Oasis, The Beatles, A Flock Of Seagulls (!)…the list goes on. You can add The 1975 to that list now, as the Cheshire-based pop-rockers become the… Read More

How To Sound Like: Squarepusher

The Godfather of Glitch You can never say we shirk away from a challenge here on the Dawsons blog. We’ve ran a couple of these features now, focusing on amazing acts like Deftones and Hudson Mohawke, but for the next entry we wanted to make things difficult for ourselves. That’s because we’re looking this time at… Read More

5 Tips For Expanding Your Musical Horizons

Looking Beyond Your Norm There comes a point in many musicians’ lives when they realise a simple fact. In order to progress, and gain mastery of your chosen instrument, you will need to learn to play music which you don’t necessarily like. We all have our favourite genres. Even looking beyond that, we all have… Read More