The Practice Amp – 5 Of The Best

If you’re a guitarist, then you’ll no doubt need a practice amp at some point. here’s a guide to 5 of the best.

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Five Guitars That Changed Music

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Five Great Pro DJ Controllers

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What Factors Affect Pickup Tone?

There is such wide variety of sounds possible from them, but what factors affect pickup tone? There are such a wide variety of tones possible from the different pickups available, that you’d be forgiven for thinking that each is a completely individual design. However, there are key aspects of their design that dictate the kind… Read More

Acoustic Folk Set-up For Under £500

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What is String Bending?

Contemporary guitar styles are nothing without bent notes, but what is string bending? The guitar has a lot going for it when compared to other instruments. I mean, is there another instrument that makes its player look so good? Plus, which instruments allow the player to strut around throwing shapes, whilst singing? I think not…… Read More

What Is Quantization?

It’s one of the common and most useful features of music software, but what is quantization? These days, the modern DAW (digital audio workstation) software package has many powerful features that have evolved out of the hardware studio. Whereas, once upon a time, the hub of a computer-based studio was a MIDI sequencer, which simply… Read More

What Is A Drum Trigger?

In this age of digital drums, they seem to be everywhere – but what is a drum trigger? The age of the digital drum is undoubtedly upon us. These days, however, many drummers use a mixture of real drums and digital drum sounds. How do they do it? Well, it’s all down to drum triggers…. Read More