Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Mini Wah Review

Pedalboard friendly funk machine When it comes to current pedal board trends it seems that size does indeed matter. We have seen a huge increase in the prevalence of diminutive stompers over the last few years, from the TC Electronic mini range to Electro Harmonix’s marginally larger Nano series. Players have been won over by… Read More

BOSS RV-6 Review

Classy new reverb pedal promises ambience aplenty BOSS has released a brand new iteration of what is, certainly in our eyes, a classic stomper. The BOSS RV-6 takes the already excellent RV-5 reverb pedal and propels it toward new frontiers of textural sonic adventure. The RV-5 offered six of BOSS’ lush reverbs in a stereo effects pedal. The included reverb types were… Read More

5 Pedals To Try Before You Die

Updated 24/06/16 Looking for something inspirational, genre-defining or downright odd? We’ve got you covered. On Test We looked through our simply huge selection of guitar FX to find some little gems that you may have overlooked, simply not known about or indeed have yet to get your hands on. You’d be forgiven of course, the… Read More

Bass Guitar Tuning Guide

How to get your low-end in check… How do I tune my Bass? This question has come up a lot recently and whilst writing this post I’ve been mindful to keep things simple and avoid the theoretical element of tuning, as it might leave the majority of people who are new to bass playing ‘in… Read More

Choosing The Right Pick….

Revolutionise your playing today, with our guide… They are the smallest, often the cheapest and undoubtedly one of the most important items in your quest for guitar playing perfection, but how many of us actually think about the pick we’re using? The shape, the thickness, the material used, or simply how we’re using it? We’re… Read More

5 Essential Studio Microphones

Looking for a microphone to capture your vocals, guitar or drums? Then read on… The debate about “the best” microphones for recording is perhaps one of the biggest talking points amongst the studio-geek community (of which we are also proud members, it should be noted!). Our list, therefore, is a guide for those looking to pick… Read More

5 Essential Blues Licks

Master these and never buy another beer again… Looking for some inspiration, tired of playing the same old licks? Welcome to the club! Sometimes just a few new licks can spur you on to great things. Here we look at 5 Bluesy licks and how you could use them. (Remember, you can always alter the… Read More

BOSS Goes Old School With Its New WAZA Pedals

The Waza Craft Series promises all Analog components and premium sound quality, so what’s the story? The new BOSS Waza Craft pedals have just been announced with 3 new compacts kicking off the series. Old favourites such as the BD-2 Blues Driver and the DM-2 Delay have been given the “WAZA” treatment and promise to… Read More

The World’s Most Playable Beginner’s Guitar?

Finding guitar playing difficult? Maybe Epiphone can help… Learning and playing guitar, particularly an acoustic guitar, can be a real challenge. It’s tough on the fingers and can very quickly begin to feel like a massive struggle with little or no progress to show for your effort (we know, we’ve been there too). If you… Read More

Rewriting History – The Return Of Gretsch Guitars

Updated 23/5/16 The long history of Gretsch is a rollercoaster ride of success and setbacks. But where are they in 2014? Fred’s the name Gretsch began their journey in 1883 under the control of German immigrant to the USA, Friedrich Gretsch but it wasn’t until his son (also named Fred) took over, that the company… Read More