A Beginners Guide to the Novation Launchpad Pro

A complete video tutorial of the Novation Launchpad Pro Learning how to make beats, sample sounds and create your own tracks should be a fun learning curve, not something that scares you. When you open up that shiny box containing your Launchpad Pro, chances are (if you’re a beginner that is) you’re going to wonder… Read More

The New Fender 2017 American Professional Series Has Arrived

Ionic Fender designs return with modern improvements It seems that the creative minds at Fender never sleep! 2016 alone has been responsible for producing some of the brands most beautiful designs, such as the Fender Offset Series and Fender Elite Series of guitars and it seems there’s no sign of stopping this freight train of creativity…. Read More

New Zoom Multi Effects Pedals For The Gigging Musician

A world’s worth of guitar and bass effects at your feet Playing guitar is all about the journey. It’s a journey into self-discovery, figuring out what type of player we are and what sounds really make us tick, what amplifiers we prefer to put our guitar through, and eventually which effects help us channel that… Read More

Has X Factor Ruined Christmas?

Has a gameshow stolen our Christmas cheer? And our Patience? It’s coming to that time of year when Simon Cowell’s latest exports vie for the Christmas Number 1 slot, only to disappear in a week or so, destined for university fresher week performances and slots on “celebrity” antique shows. The winners’ music and careers, however promising… Read More

How To Throw The Best Christmas & New Years Eve Party

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A Beginner’s Guide To The Novation Circuit Groove Box

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12 Secret Santa Ideas For Musicians

Budget friendly Secret Santa ideas for the music lover in your office It’s that time of year… Christmas parties are being booked, the festive flavours at your favourite coffee chain are being rolled out and the dreaded Secret Santa is being drawn up in the office. But what’s that? There’s a musician in the room… Read More

Fender Made In Japan – The FSR Japan Range Returns

Rejoice! The Fender FSR Japan series is back! The Fender Made in Japan range of electric guitars has now become a coveted series that players of all kinds, including collectors and touring musicians alike, search high and low to get their hands on. But why? Aside from the fact there’s simply not a lot around, it… Read More

Music Gadgets & Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

12 great music gadgets and gifts for musicians Finding music gadgets for the musician in your life can be an absolute nightmare, especially if they’re the type of geeky musician who likes the weird and wonderful! So today, we’re going to make it easy by showing you some of the best gadget gifts for musicians… Read More

Build A Complete Pedal Board For Under £150

All the guitar effects pedals you need to gig, for way under £150 All musicians understand the importance of having the right pedals on their pedal board, but if you’re just starting out, or even want a second pedal board at home for practicing, starting a new rig can seem quite daunting, and expensive! But fear… Read More