Review: Epiphone ES-339

We take a look at the new, Epiphone ES-339 – do good things come in small packages? The Gibson ES-339 is one of the legendary US brand’s newest designs. And yet, this compact hollow body clearly shares some classic guitar DNA with its older, more famous brother, the ES-335. Like many of Gibson’s most famous… Read More

Girls Need Guitars! – A Tribute To Great Female Guitarists

Boys might need girls but some girls just need guitars and some boys need girls who just need guitars. It’s complicated. If your idea of the iconic rock-guitarist is a spandex-clad, hairy-chested, poodle-permed, plank-spanking version of a professional wrestler then we’d like to broaden your mind. Girls play guitar too and they can be just… Read More

Dawsons M.D. Awarded M.B.E.

Pictured here is Dawsons Music Managing Director David Briggs, outside Buckingham Palace with his wife Michelle, daughter Amanda and his M.B.E! David was listed in the New Year’s Honours List this year and awarded his M.B.E for his many years of work with St. John’s Ambulance as well as “Services To Cheshire”.