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Best Beginner Electric Guitars

Best Beginner Electric Guitars

These beginner electric guitars are ideal for the aspiring guitarist in your life

With so many beginners electric guitars on the market, picking one as a gift for someone who aspires to be a guitarist is can be a real task. To help, here’s a mini guide to four of the best, each ideal for getting started on the path to rock superstardom…

  1. Epiphone Les Paul Special II Player Pack
  2. Epiphone Les Paul Special II

    The Epiphone Les Paul Special II Pack is a great guitar for beginners who enjoy rock music and want something that could replicate the tones of their favourite songs. The body shape is instantly recognisable, bringing back memories of many famous players who have slung a Les Paul around their necks since they were first released by Gibson in the ’50s, although this guitar is certainly not just about the looks. Crafted with a mahogany body, mahogany neck and featuring two humbuckers, you’d be forgiven for double checking the price of this guitar as you really do get a lot for your money!

    Available in Vintage Sunburst, Heritage Vintage Sunburst and Ebony.

  3. Redwood RS1
  4. Beginners Electric Guitars - Redwood RS1 White

    The Redwood RS1 is currently the most affordable electric guitar we sell. Based on a classic configuration of 3 single coil pickups (pickups being the bit that ‘listens’ to the strings, so that they can be amplified), it offers a wide variety of tones. A 5-way selector switch allows these to be selected in different combinations resulting in different sounds, and a tone control allows the ‘brightness’ to be adjusted further.

    The solid wood construction features a basswood body and a maple neck, shaped to play comfortably, and a whammy bar allows the pitch of all to be changed with one movement. The Redwood RS1 is available in white, black, sunburst and there’s even a left-handed model!

  5. Epiphone G400
  6. Beginners Electric Guitars - Epiphone G400 Cherry

    The Epiphone G400 offers an introductory instrument to one of Gibson’s other iconic models, the SG. This famous guitar has been played by everyone from Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath, to Angus Young from AC/DC to Frank Zappa, and just about everyone else, at some point… The G400 takes the essence of the SG, and offers a more affordable package. Built with a solid mahogany body, with a mahogany neck, this guitar has a neck that maintains the SG’s reputation for being very easy and ‘fast’ to play. Two humbucker pickups are equipped, meaning that this is a great guitar for ‘rock’ styles of music.

  7. Epiphone Slash AFD  Les Paul Special-II Performance Pack

Epiphone Slash AFD Pack

Perhaps the most legendary Les Paul player ever, Slash, has put his name towards this great pack, featuring everything you need to start playing electric guitar alongside some of the signature flair that the man-with-the-hat has offered us for years. You get an Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar, Epiphone Slash Snakepit 15 Amplifier plus a bunch of accessories including custom guitar bag, plectrums (picks), cables and a guitar strap. On top of those accessories, you get access to an award winning set of online lessons from eMedia, helping you to take your first steps in electric guitar playing.

In addition to this selection of guitars, we have an extensive range of Beginner Electric Guitars and Guitar Packs for you to get started straight out of the box. If you’d like any help on choosing the right package for you, just give us a call or call into one of our stores.

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