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A complete video tutorial of the Novation Launchpad Pro

Learning how to make beats, sample sounds and create your own tracks should be a fun learning curve, not something that scares you. When you open up that shiny box containing your Launchpad Pro, chances are (if you’re a beginner that is) you’re going to wonder where to start. So we’ve teamed up with the great people at Novation to provide you with a beginners guide to the Novation Launchpad Pro – a selection of easy to understand video tutorials that will have you creating your own music in no time whatsoever. So check out the short Launchpad Pro tutorial videos below and get started on your journey to music production super stardom.

What is the Novation Launchpad Pro?

The Novation launchpad Pro is an 8×8 grid instrument that provides you with total control over your hardware and software programs, allowing you to trigger samples, make beats, play notes, melodies and chords and sculpt your musical ideas into a fully formed track. The design team at Novation have crafted this grid instrument with live performances in mind, as it provides the user with 64 RGB illuminated pads to help you see where you are in the depths of a gig – we know things can get fuzzy at 3am underneath stage lights! You have 8 fully assignable pads as well as a myriad of one-touch functions such as Mute, Duplicate and the very handy Quantize function.

One of the cool things about the Novation Launchpad Pro is that it’s entirely easy to set up, being a plug and play controller that works seamlessly with PC and MAC. When you open the box, you have everything you need to get started too, as all cables are there waiting for you to hook it up. The MIDI connectivity is really useful and you can hook it up to your MIDI enabled devices via the included breakout cables.

On top of all this, you get Ableton Live Lite, 1GB of Loopmaster content, Bass Station VST and AU plug-in synthesiser, meaning you can create music as soon as you’re hooked up!

So without further delay, we’ll let UK specialist Mark from Novation provide us with a Launchpad Pro tutorial, so you can understand what each part of the controller can do. Here’s 6 quick video tutorials and a complete beginners guide to the Novation Launchpad Pro. Now get making music!

Novation Launchpad Pro Tutorial Part 1 : Intro

In the first part of our Novation Launchpad Pro Beginners Guide, Mark outlines exactly what we’re going to look at in the series – fairly easy. There’s nothing to worry about if all the blinking lights seem a bit daunting, as once you get the hang of everything, you’ll see just how useful this controller is!

Novation Launchpad Pro Tutorial Part 2 : Getting Started

In part 2 of our beginners guide, Mark takes us through the available software and how to get your free software bundle. Mark shows us around the Launchpad Pro and the software, showing us how it all interacts to create different clips. We find out how to trigger individual clips on different channels via the session mode and how you can create an infinite timeline of music. We also find out how you can also launch multiple clips in a row, which is called a “Scene”.

Novation Launchpad Pro Tutorial Part 3 : Building a Track / Note Mode

In this part of our Novation Launchpad Beginners Guide, Mark shows us how to build a track from scratch. Interestingly, Mark uses some great guitar sounds that are featured in Ableton Live Lite. Watch how Mark uses some electric guitar with ping pong delay, a bass guitar as well as some nylon string guitar sounds to create an entire track using Note Mode. It’s quick and easy to do and all the sounds you hear are free with the controller.

Novation Launchpad Pro Tutorial Part 4 : Drums

In part 4 of our our Launchpad Pro Beginners Gide, Mark takes us through adding drum layers to our project. Again, a myriad of drum sounds are included with the software bundle. The cool thing here is that all your drums can be played on the controller separately via the velocity sensitive pads.

Novation Launchpad Pro Tutorial Part 5 : Mixer

After we’ve recorded our drums to sit alongside our guitar lines on the Launchpad Pro, Mark has added some pad sounds to the project. In this video, Mark shows us how to use the Mixer section which offers us the option of manipulating the audio on our device. We find out how to use parameter controls, mute channels, solo channels, use fader control to mix levels and use the velocity sensitive pads to create interesting transitions via the Fader Glide system. We also find out how to pan drum channels on the stereo spectrum and use .

Novation Launchpad Pro Tutorial Part 6 : Performance

Finally, Mark takes us through a complete performance showcasing all the sounds and different effects that were added to our project along the way. Watch as Mark triggers different sounds, mutes certain parts and completes a full performance with the Novation Launchpad Pro. Watch how all the different parts of our beginners guide to the Launchpad Pro come together to make a really great sounding track.

Thanks to Mark and the team at Novation for hooking us up with this great Novation Launchpad Pro tutorial. Watch the full tutorial and check out the Novation Circuit Groove Box over at the Dawsons website.