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Best Acoustic Guitars Under £1000

Best Acoustic Guitars Under £1000

You don’t have to break the bank to afford a quality guitar

Fender paramount acoustic

When it comes to buying an acoustic guitar, or anything for that matter, its often the case that if something costs more, it’s perceived as “better”. Sure when you purchase an expensive instrument, you’re paying for the workmanship that goes into creating the instrument, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a beautiful instrument that will last a lifetime – especially if you look after it.

When it comes to choosing an acoustic guitar, of which there are many, you’ll undoubtedly be making your choice based on how it sounds, how it feels and of course how it looks. With this in mind, we’ve put together a selection of great guitars all under £1,000 that sound, feel and look great.

Epiphone EJ200CE

The Epiphone EJ200CE is the smaller, more modestly priced brother of the Gibson J200, but don’t think that this is a downgrade – the Epiphone EJ200CE stands up on its own and is an affordable option for those who want a beautifully looking and sounding guitar without the £3K price tag associated with it’s older brother. At around £300, this acoustic offers an affordable professional grade option for guitarists of all levels. The select Maple neck is comfortable to play and the super jumbo body means both huge sounding chords and delicately picked notes resonate better. A great value guitar that wouldn’t look amiss on stage at Glastonbury. An entry level acoustic guitar that is used by professionals the world over – with the EJ200CE you’re in good company.

Taylor GS-Mini

taylor Gs-mini

A smaller travel size guitar has never sounded so huge. When you think of ¾ guitars, it’s easy to think that due to its smaller size it will also sound smaller. Well, the Taylor GS-Mini blows that theory well and truly out of the water thanks to the X-bracing with relief rout. The tone on this thing will surprise the most skeptical of guitar players and it provides a great option for those who travel with their guitar, yet don’t want to lug a jumbo around on a plane.

Clocking in at under £500 it’s a great value guitar that is perfect for stage, practice or the campfire. Resonant, lightweight and as loud as it’s larger brethren in the Taylor guitar range – the GS-Mini is a professional grade guitar with a modest price tag. Available as an acoustic and an electro acoustic model.

Fender Paramount PM-1 Deluxe


The Fender Paramount PM-1 Deluxe Dreadnought guitar marks Fender’s new foray into professional grade acoustics. The world renowned brand has been making beautiful acoustics for decades, yet the Paramount range will stand out as their flagship acoustic range due to the sheer amount of effort and experience that has gone into the design and construction. Perhaps the most notable thing about this guitar is the intricate detailing around the binding, the headstock and of course the fretboard, a mixture of mother of pearl and abalone.

The Fender Fishman Paramount preamp offers superior sound when hooked up to an amp whilst the rosewood and spruce combination offers great projection too. Fender has officially upped its game within the acoustic scene to reclaim their place as a leader.

Gretsch G9220 Roundneck Bobtail Resonator

gretsch bobtail resonator

As far as resonator guitars go, this Gretsch has stolen our hearts. Beautifully constructed, it’s more of a work of art than a guitar. For those wanting a unique tone that carries, the Gretsch G9220 is a great option. It’s tastefully decked out with a mahogany top, body and neck and features a rosewood fretboard.

However, its the Ampli-Sonic hand-spun spider cone that steals the show here, pushing out some serious volume and that resonator tone you’re looking for. The Fishman Pickups onboard provide the option to hook it up to an amp which provides that little bit more versatility – from home recording to the stage, this resonator is world class, and it won’t cost a fortune.

Farida D52E

Farida D-52E

Farida have become one of the most respected brands in the acoustic guitar game, due to their superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. This craftsmanship garnered the brand the coveted “best buy” award from Total Guitar for the Farida D-52E.

The combination of solid spruce top and African mahogany back and sides makes an audible difference when compared to guitars in a similar price bracket. It’s a smooth playing Dreadnought guitar thanks to the profile of the mahogany neck and as loud or as subtle as you need it to be owing to the winning combination of tonewoods. When you need to go electric, the B-Band A1.2 pickup system has you covered too. The D-52E is a major highlight from this brand and we can’t recommend it enough.

Those are some of our top picks, but there is a whole world of great quality mid-range acoustic guitars out there. Do you have a personal favourite that has served you well? To view more acoustic guitars under £1,000 visit the Dawsons website.

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