close up shot of a guitarist playing an acoustic guitar

You don’t have to break the bank to afford a quality guitar

When it comes to buying an acoustic guitar it’s often the case that if something costs more, it is naturally “better”. Sure, when you purchase an expensive instrument, you’re paying for the workmanship that goes into creating the instrument. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a beautiful instrument that will last a lifetime. This is especially true if you look after it.

When it comes to choosing an acoustic guitar you’re undoubtedly making your choice based on a number of factors. This includes how it sounds, how it feels and, of course, how it looks. With this in mind, we’ve put together a great selection of models qualifying for the best acoustic guitar under £1,000.

Epiphone EJ200CE


The Epiphone EJ200CE is the smaller, more modestly priced brother of the Gibson J200. But don’t think that this is a downgrade. The Epiphone EJ200CE stands up on its own and is an affordable option for those who want a beautifully looking and sounding guitar without the £3K price tag of its older brother. At around £300, this acoustic is an affordable professional grade option for guitarists of all levels. The select Maple neck is comfortable to play and the super jumbo body means both huge sounding chords and delicately picked notes resonate better.

A great value guitar that wouldn’t look amiss on stage at Glastonbury. An entry level acoustic guitar that is used by professionals the world over – with the EJ200CE you’re in good company.


PRS SE Angelus A50E

PRS Angelus A50E Electro Acoustic Guitar

Known for the impressive pedigree of their electric guitars, PRS SE have released an outstanding range of high-value acoustic guitars. The PRS SE Angelus A50E electro acoustic benefits from figured maple back and sides to produce an enviable timbre, whilst the solid Sitka spruce soundboard resonates freely thanks to the PRS hybrid “X”/Classical bracing. Whether you prefer to strum gleefully or perform deft finger style, you can guarantee comfort and playability with the delightfully executed single cutaway body shape.

Each model is equipped with the Fishman GT1 electronics system, which captures the organic warmth of the acoustic timbre. Thus, enabling you to perform plugged in to an adoring audience in medium to larger venues. Last but not least, the mahogany neck is married to a luxurious ebony fingerboard.


Farida SD-58

Farida SD-58 Acoustic Guitar

The Farida SD-58 acoustic guitar is a fine example of what acoustic guitars can be – reliably rugged yet breath-taking beautiful. The glorious sunburst finish pairs with carefully applied binding and a heavenly soundhole rosett for a striking finish. The solid African rosewood body generates a hearty mid-range energy that projects with exceptional clarity thanks to the solid Carpathian soundboard. The elegant mahogany neck pairs with a sumptuous ebony fingerboard, which is adorned with decorative Farida-designed position inlays to guide your way.

Each model comes with a protective case, so you can be sure that your guitar is safe on the move.


Merida Diana

Merida Diana DG15-SPGACES Electro Acoustic Guitar

The Merida Diana electro acoustic guitar deserves to be far more popular than it is. The Grand Auditorium cutaway body shape is a joy to perform with for both pickers and fingerstyle players alike. The spalted maple body establishes a generous mid-range tonal foundation, whilst the solid cedar top suits those who want a subtler projection than that of spruce. Fingerstyle performers will love the breadth and clarity afforded by cedar as a tonewood. Married to the body is a smooth mahogany neck with a gorgeous rosewood fingerboard that plays effortlessly. The Graphtech black Tusq XL nut and saddle provide a supportive connection between strings and body for optimised intonation and sustain.

The Merida/Fishman standard preamp system enables you to take to the stage in confidence with everything you need to guarantee a dynamic and exciting performance.