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Not everyone wants to follow the pack, so here are some of the best electric guitars under £350 for those who take a different path…

Best Electric Guitars Under £350 – Choices For The Individualist

It’s pretty incredible that the most popular electric guitars today are some of the first ever built, and these have remained pretty much unchanged to this day. The reason? Well, they’re great guitars that play well and sound incredible.

But, what if you don’t want to play the same guitar as everyone else? That’s going to be expensive, right?

In actual fact, there are plenty of affordable guitars for those who like to play something a bit different, these days.

Here are some of the best electric guitars under £350, for those who like to be a bit more individual (without going completely ‘off-piste’…)

Epiphone ES-339

Best Electric Guitars Under £350 - Choices For The individualist - Epiphone ES-339

The Gibson Dot is a genuine, classic guitar design, and one with more affordable Epiphone versions available. But, everyone plays a Dot, don’t they?

Recently, Gibson took the spirit of this classic guitar, and redesigned it with a more compact, manageable body size: the ES-339. And, lucky for everyone, they made an affordable Epiphone version, too.

Epiphone ES-339

This features the same, semi-hollow, maple body design, with solid centre channel, and set, mahogany neck. Remarkably, the twin humbucker pickups offer coil-tapping, too, providing an enormous range of available tones.

Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar

Best Electric Guitars Under £350 - Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar

Aside from the Strat and Tele, Fender managed plenty more great, but not quite so universally popular guitar designs. These tend to have buckets of unique charm.

The Jaguar is one such model, and this Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar is staggeringly good, affordable example of it. The classic asymmetric body shape is there, along with the unusual switching options, with their eye-catching chrome panelling.

Unbelievably at this price, it also packs two Duncan designed single coil pickups, meaning that all those classic Jaguar crunch, lead, and warm clean tones sound great.

Farida CT-36

Farida CT-36 Electric Guitar

Farida guitars, especially Farida electric guitars have slowly been edging their way into the live music scene over the past few years. Although the brand is a little lesser known compared to some of the other guitars in this blog, they’re by no means of any lesser quality. Combining a rich sumptuous-sounding mahogany tonewood for the body with a maple neck proves to be a winning combination in this CT-36 as it’s comfortable to play and provides that sustain and tone you need.

Alnico-powered humbucking pickups prove extremely effective through a driven amp and the overall design of the double cutaway really stands out. Seriously, it looks awesome!

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