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The Best Fathers Day Present – Marshall Whisky?

The Best Fathers Day Present – Marshall Whisky?

Best Fathers Day Present? - Marshall Whisky

If you have been looking for a Fathers Day present, a rare 50 year-old Marshall Whisky combines many Dads’ two great loves…

Picking a Fathers Day present can be a task. Dads are a notoriously difficult bunch to buy for. I mean, by the time you reach ‘Dad’ age, you probably have most of the things you need, so realistically, a present should be a ‘treat’.

A bottle of your Dad’s favourite tipple usually fits the bill, in this respect. Of course, if he’s a musician, you could indulge his love of music. This year, you could do both, however, by treating him to a bottle of Marshall Whisky.

Best Fathers Day Present? - Marshall Whisky

The brand famed for all things rock ‘n’ roll has teamed up Ian with McLeod distilleries to bring you an ultra-rare, 50-year old blended whiskey (missing Marshall’s own 50th anniversary by just one year).

As whisky evaporates over time (usually around 2% per year), whisky of this age is incredibly rare- it has to be kept and stored far more carefully to ensure that there is some left after half a century.

Best Fathers Day Present? - Marshall Whisky

As a result, this Marshall Whisky is limited to just 228 bottles. And, for those thinking that this might be answer to their Fathers Day Present woes, well, you’ll need a healthy wallet. Reflecting the unique and rare nature of this whisky, it’s priced at £420 per bottle.


If you can’t quite stretch to £420 to treat your guitar-playing Dad, here are some more wallet friendly alternatives…

Gibson Fatboy Guitar Strap

Best Fathers Day Present? - Gibson Fatboy Guitar Strap

Often overlooked with assigning budget for guitar gear, the strap is the one item you’ll really notice if you’ve scrimped on it. The Gibson Fatboy, on the other hand, is like the ‘chesterfield sofa’ of guitar straps: incredible quality, stylish and unbelievably comfortable.

Boss Compact Pedals

Best Fathers Day Present - Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal

Boss Compact pedals are a staple of many guitarists pedal boards, and with good reason. They’re pretty much indestructible, they sound great and they’re available in so many different varieties, you’re bound to find something to like.

With models like the classic DS-1 distortion starting at just £39.99, they make a perfect Fathers Day present, too.

Gibson Logo T-Shirt

Best Fathers Day Present - Gibson T-Shirt - Mens

If your Dad’s the sort of person that shows everyone his Gibson, talks constantly about it, has photos on his phone… you get the picture- why not give him the chance to wear his allegiance with pride?

These high quality cotton T-Shirts are emblazoned with the Gibson Logo- perfect.

Dawsons Gift Voucher

Best Fathers Day Present - Dawsons Vouchers

We fully appreciate that picking a Fathers Day present for a musician if you don’t play can be a bit intimidating.

For this reason, the Dawsons Gift Voucher is ideal. You get to indulge your Dad’s love of music, and all you have to do is pick an amount. Vouchers are available in multiples of £10 or £20.

All of the above are available in our stores and online. Alternatively, you can call our customer service team (01925 582420) to order, or for advice.

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