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Guitar Multi Effects on a budget

When you’re starting out on the guitar it can be hard to know where to start with the wacky world of effects. You may hear certain things on records and wonder how you could incorporate them into your sound, or you may know a few effects you want for certain but your creative streak wonders how they would work in combination with other effects. If money were no object, we could all go out and but individual stomps and experiment that way but, if money is an issue, or if you just wanted to try a few things out without committing, then there is another option.

Multi-effects combine all the standard and often not so standard effects into one handy unit. Effects like reverb, delay, chorus and phase are standard modulations with additional effects such as distortion and fuzz. There plenty of non-standard effects that simulate other instruments and mix effects to create wacky sounds. You can spend small fortunes on some of the high end professional multi-effects units that also replicate amps and cabs accurately.

Don’t need to break the bank

Times and finances may be tight but thankfully companies like BOSS, Zoom and Electro Harmonix are not tight with the content they pack into their entry level multi-effects. Great news for beginners stepping into the live world or experienced players looking for a low-cost new sound. Here is a selection of amazing effects that won’t startle the bank account.

1. Zoom G1Xon Guitar Effects Pedal With Expression Pedal

There is a slightly cheaper Zoom G1on but for the extra few pounds it costs to gain an expression pedal it makes sense to purchase this small form bad boy. There are 75 effects built-in, with the ability to perform with five, simultaneously. These include detailed delays, reverbs and distortions as well as effects useful for expression such as a range of wahs and pitch shifters. This little effects monster includes amp simulation and has a 30 second looper function. If you need some practise there are 68 authentic sounding rhythms and all this at a budget defying price.

2. Zoom MS-70CDR Multi-stomp Effects Pedal

Image of a Zoom guitar multi effects pedal

The Zoom Multi-Stomp MS-70CDR (Chorus, Delay and Reverb) effects pedal is something of a mini marvel. Fully loaded with 86 possible variations including the much sought after and highly dial able Reverb, the MS-70CDR is a contemporary classic in the making and likely to be a must have. Again, this chap will not be breaking any banks soon and as an industry standard you need to start making room on your pedalboard.

3. BOSS GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor

Image of a Boss guitar multi effects pedal

The GT series by BOSS has been a staple of the multi-effects’ arena for decades. BOSS have consistently pushed the envelope on what is included in entry-level effects boards. The GT-1 has over 100 effects to choose from and literally hundreds of available pre-set and user patches. With a built-in expression pedal and 30 second looper the GT-1 is housed in an exceptionally rugged case ideal for live performance.

4. BOSS MD-200 Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal

BOSS MD-200 Modulation Multi Effects Unit

One of the newest additions to the multi-effects’ world is part of BOSS’s 200 series. The next new staple of the pedalboard. The MD-200 is a modulation masterpiece with an incredible amount of versatility packed into almost bomb proof housing. The outputs alone on the 200 series reflect how seriously BOSS take how much they pack into a small unit. with modulation types and six parameter controls the MD-200 is a small form effects demon which again will not make your bank manager weep.

5. BOSS ME-80 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

Image of a multi-effects pedal

Onto one of the older pedalboards but definitely not the slowest. Absolutely jam packed with effects, switches and dials the ME-80 has been a budget conscious live musicians’ friend for a while and this still holds true today. Crammed with the same range of possibilities as the individual stompboxes and utilising COSM chips taken from the flagship GH-100 the ME-80 is one of the best multi-effects boards you can buy never mind at the ludicrously low price point it presently resides at. Up to 8 effects simultaneously and a built-in expression pedal which all sits in a rugged housing ideal for live use.

With all these effects coming in under £300 and still packing the punch they do you can rest assured that your money is well spent. Most producing studio quality effects, able to produce layers of effects simultaneously. Some in the list have specific sounds and some are very general and cover the usual effects any live guitar player may need in his arsenal such as delay, reverb, chorus or distortion. Like most purchases you need to weigh up whether you will utilise the majority of effects available or whether you need a specific group of effects. No matter your decision these eight will not break your bank and will offer you a new dynamic to your present tone.

Get the Gear

1. Zoom G1on
2. Zoom MS70CDR
3. BOSS GT-1
4. BOSS MD-200
5. BOSS ME-80

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