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Best Multi Effects Pedals For Under £250

Best Multi Effects Pedals For Under £250

Effect pedal combo boxes to get you started

When you’re starting out on the guitar it can be hard to know where to start with the wacky world of effects. You may hear certain things on records and wonder how you could incorporate them into your sound, or you may know a few effects you want for certain but your creative streak wonders how they would work in combination with other effects. If money were no object, we could all go out and but individual stomps and experiment that way but, if money is an issue, or if you just wanted to try a few things out without committing, then there is another option.

Multi-effects pedals, which combine a host of different effects into one unit, have been around for ages and offer the perfect way for guitarists to dip their toes into new areas of sonic exploration. Typically, they’ll contain a range of drives, distortions, modulations (e.g. phaser, chorus or flange), delays, reverbs and, in some units, wah effects, and most can be fully programmed into logical orders so you can set them and forget them. There are plenty around, so here’s our look at the best multi-effects pedals for under £250.

Image of a bass multi-effects pedal

Boss ME-80

We’ll start with this, perhaps the most daunting in terms of appearance on the list, but pound-for-pound probably the best. Boss is one of the big boys in the world of guitar effects, and their pedals are highly rated in terms of sounds, build quality and ease of use. The ME-80 is a great example of what happens when you combine a host of Boss’ famous effects into one unit. It features all the usual effects you’d expect, along with a phrase looper (so you can record loops and play over the top of them) and USB connectivity so you can access an online effect editor. This enables you to tweak using your computer before saving your chosen effects onto the unit for future use. Oh, and it’s a beast in terms of size and weight too; you won’t be breaking this in a hurry.

Image of a guitar multi effects pedal

Line 6 Amplifi FX100

If the Boss pedals are the hard kids at school, on account of their brutish exterior and preceding reputations, then the Line 6 Amplifi is the science geek which goes on to become the rock star tech wizard. Looking like they were designed by Tony Stark, the FX100 pedal packs in a serious amount of tones and effects but has a few aces up its sleeves in the form of its connectivity with Apple iOS devices. From your iPhone or iPad, you can start deep editing the tones to your liking, before beaming them back onto the pedal ready to use. Not only that, the FX100 can hear your favourite artists and magically ‘match’ their tone so yours is the same.

Image of a Boss guitar multi effects pedal

Boss GT-1

Ok, let’s get small for a minute, or rather compact. The perfect mix of intuitive design, advanced technology, and petit form factor. The GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor gives you a lot of the capability of Boss’s flagship GT-1 in a compact, desktop unit that’s easy to use and the perfect size for your home studio or mobile rig! Filled with COSM amplifier models, built in looper and a huge range of incredible effects, the GT-1 gives big pedal power whilst keeping costs low.

More than just a little effects processor, the GT-1 can open up your recording capabilities and be just the piece of kit you need to begin making great music.

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