We take a look at the best PA systems for wedding and function bands as well as some great options for street performers, duets and touring musicians.

The Best PA systems from Touring Artists to Wedding Bands

If you’re a performing musician, touring solo artist or play as part of a function band playing weddings, parties or anything else, chances are you’ll either need a PA to practice or tour with. You may even need to provide one as part of your service on the day.

Unless you’re in a gigging originals band i.e. on a venue tour, you will likely need your own PA and in some occasions provide your own sound engineer, so having your own PA and equipment is vital and often means the difference between someone booking you for a gig or taking on someone else instead.

If you’re reading this you either already know this, or you’re looking for the best PA system to suit you. So, without further delay, we’ll show you a few options and try to identify some of the best PA systems around, for professionals and those that need a highly portable option to gig, tour and busk with. This includes:

  1. NEO Acoustics 15A PA Package
  2. Yamaha Stagepas 400BT Portable PA System
  3. NEO Acoustics 15A Speaker Package with Sub
  4. QTX PAL10 Wireless Bluetooth PA Speaker
  5. Raive POW10

1. NEO Acoustics 15A PA Package with Alto 1202

Great for Bands

NEO Acoustics 15A PA Package with Alto 1202

Essentially all we want from a PA system is to take the tones and sounds we’ve lovingly created on our instruments and amplifiers and make them really loud. That’s it, in a nutshell. And it’s understandable that it might seem a large outlay for something which, ultimately, does only one thing.

Yet for a touring, wedding or covers band, the ability to rock up at an event with your entire backline in tow is hugely important. Having your own backline can be the difference between getting a booking and not getting a booking.

The NEO Acoustics 15A PA Package with Alto 1202 Mixer takes away any of the hassles, delivering everything you need in one handy package. Speakers? Check. Mixer and power amp? Check. Stands and cables, too? You bet your sweet face. It’s all here, in a simple to use, yet extremely powerful package.

As if a pair of mightily powerful active PA speakers wasn’t enough, this package includes an Alto Live 1202 Professional 12-channel mixer with a vast selection of connectivity options. The mixer even boasts a proprietary DSP (digital signal processing) section from Alesis with 16 premium effects, each of which has 16 variations (that’s a total of 256 effects if you please). As you’d expect from a professional mixer there’s phantom power and DNA preamps at the ready.

As a tool for everyone from the ‘weekend warrior’ crew to professionals on the wedding circuit, the NEO Acoustics 12A PA Package is perfect, giving you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Spotlight on NEO Acoustics

Potentially, NEO Acoustics may not ring out with the familiarity of Mackie or Yamaha but don’t overlook these exceptional speakers. Not only are they ludicrously affordable but they boast Class-D amplifiers for delightfully cool running performance, masterfully crafted components housed in road-ready enclosures. Pairing clarity with consistency whilst adding the ability to deliver them at monstrously loud levels comes easy to NEO Acoustic active speakers. Already proving to be immensely popular, put them to the test for yourself and check out our selection of NEO Acoustics gear and packages.

2. Yamaha Stagepas 400BT Portable PA System

Great for Duos, Bands, DJs

Yamaha Stagepas 400I Portable PA System

The Yamaha Stagepas 400BT Portable PA System is an industry standard for those who want a highly portable and extremely reliable PA option for gigs, whether large or small. You have 400 watts of power to play with all pumped out through the high-efficiency amplifier that comes with the built-in advanced limiter circuits.

These limiter circuits are extremely useful as they not only provide the high-quality sound you need at any volume but do so whilst extending the life of all the vital components making it a great touring rig – it’s going to last years and years! Straight out of the box you get a 400-watt (200W + 200W) system as well as a mixing console and two speakers both with LF:8-inch woofer/ HF:1-inch Voice coil compression driver. The detachable mixer is extremely useful for touring bands as it has 4 microphone inputs all with phantom power as well as 4 mono/2 stereo high-Z line inputs.

The connectivity options don’t stop there either as you have Phono stereo mini-jack and iPod inputs too which means you can play music in between sets. You’ll also appreciate the range of onboard effects and the way they can be switched on and off via an optional pedal – you can essentially mix your own gig on the fly whilst the Stagepas does the hard work for you suppressing unwanted feedback while you play. As far as best PA systems of wedding bands and touring bands – this is a great deal.

3. NEO Acoustics 15A PA Package with Sub

Great for Bands and Ensembles

NEO Acoustics 15A PA Package

Having waxed lyrical above about just how good NEO Acoustics gear is, let me introduce something for those who want to take things to the next level with the NEO Acoustic 15A PA Package with Sub. Bumping up the speaker to a pair of Class-D amp powered active 15-inch speakers, as well as the addition of a meaty-sounding 15-inch active subwoofer, you can step things up a notch when DJing and/or performing.

Mackie’s ProFX8v2 professional 8-channel mixer lends a generous hand to keeping everything in check. Boasting a highly intuitive control layout, you can play with Mackie’s ReadyFX effects engine with readily accessible FX presets for adding depth and texture to your performance without the effort. Housed in a solid-steel chassis and reinforced ABS side protection, you can rest assured that short of someone accidently launching a bucket of water over it, you’re ready for anything.

For larger venues, those who want to ensure that the power of their low frequencies isn’t somehow lost in the mix, then the NEO Acoustic 15A PA Package is the ideal choice.

4. QTX PAL10 Wireless Bluetooth PA Speaker

Great for Soloists, Duos, Spoken Word Performances

QTX PAL10 Wireless Bluetooth PA Speaker

On the other hand, maybe you need something a bit more…portable. Full-on setups with speakers on stands, power amps and the like are superb for what they do, but not the most practical if all you need to do is stand outside the train station earning some money by busking.

Enter the QTX PAL10 Bluetooth Wireless PA Speaker. This superb little unit has everything the portable performer needs. On battery power it can give you up to 8 hours of use on a single charge, while connectivity is a dream thanks to the options of Bluetooth and instrument Mic/Line combo input. You can stream music via an external sound source or utilise the SD Card or USB slots to load music from memory card or laptop, etc. QTX provide a VFF wireless mic to get you up and running, as well as a remote control for hands-free operation.

With up to 35-watts of power available and the ability to roam up to 30-feet from the speaker during performances, you will be heard loud and clear whilst having the freedom to roam.

Best of all, at just QTX PAL10 Bluetooth Wireless PA Speaker has an extendable handle and even boasts wheels that enables it to be as mobile as you are.

5. Raive POW10 Battery Powered PA Speaker

Great for Soloists, Duos, Spoken Word Performances

Raive POW10 Battery Powered PA Speaker

Wrapping things up is the awesome Raive POW10, another excellent effort for those who are busking solo, as a duo, performing spoken word or simply kicking back with mates at a festival keeping the party going into the wee hours.

The POW10 is a superb offering from Raive, boasting 2-channels to play with between a pair of microphone inputs as well as a plethora of other wireless options. Whether you need to power it via battery or mains the choice is yours, giving you the freedom to roam. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can operate the speaker using your smart device, whilst in Digital Media Player communicates seamlessly with alternative media sources via the SD card and USB connectivity.

The POW10 even gives you the option to mount the speaker on a pole for improved projection (stand sold separately). Not only that but Raive has even included a remote so that you’re not trekking back and forth to the speaker, as well as a microphone and cable to get you up and running.

If the 10-inch woofer is more than you reckon you’d need, there’s always the 8-inch version via the Raive POW8.

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