Want to follow in the footsteps of your idols? There's no easier way than with a signature model and we've cherry picked a handful for your perusal.

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Following on from our popular article “Signature Guitars: Which Camp Are You In?” we decided to make life easier for those scouring the Dawsons Music site for signature models. Our Top Choices cover signature models across acoustic, electric and bass guitars.

1. Peter Frampton

When Epiphone announced their collaboration with Peter Frampton to recreate his beloved “1964 Texan”, we were inundated with requests relating to launch dates and arrival times. Thankfully, you don’t have to endure that waiting game any longer!

Epiphone Limited Edition Peter Frampton 1964 Texan

Epiphone Peter Frampton Limited Edition 1964 Texan Electro Acoustic Guitar

Frampton’s Texan was his primary song writing tool and helped him to craft such hits as “Baby I Love Your Way”. Adhering closely to the original design, this rendition has taken over responsibilities as his touring model. Combining premium appointments with the consistent build quality that we’ve come to expect from Epiphone, it’s easy to understand why he favours it so.

2. Mark Tremonti

PRS SE Mark Tremonti Standard Electric Guitar

When it comes to signature models, PRS and Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge, Creed, Tremonti) boast a fruitful collaborative history. Consistently voted amongst the top 10 metal guitarists ever, Tremonti is a man who knows what he wants from an instrument. Likewise, PRS are a company who know a thing or two about creating superb guitars, and their SE line punch well above their price point in terms of quality.

PRS SE Tremonti Custom Electric Guitar

Our trio of Tremonti models feature the same signature single-cutaway body profile, PRS patented tremolo with trem-up rout for sublime vibrato control and adopt Tremonti’s preferred wide thin neck profile. With regard to differences there are unique pickup setups across each one, as well as more elaborate touches that include custom finishes with flame maple veneer and a breath-taking quilted maple in grey black.

PRS SE Tremonti Custom Stealth Quilt Electric Guitar

3. Slash

Ask someone to name an iconic rock guitarist and we’d be surprised if this man didn’t get a mention. With a style as well known as the licks he’s written, Slash isn’t just a rock icon but is a household name – even our Grans know who he is. So, it’s fair to say that when he drops a signature model, it doesn’t hang about for long.

However, Epiphone once again come up trumps with their affordable guitar pack options for beginners:

Epiphone Slash Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar Pack

Slash and Les Pauls go hand in hand, and the Les Paul Special II offers a sweet model that even the most discerning of players will fall for. Add to that the option to go for a pack with or without a practise amp and a slew of accessories and you’ve got a fantastic present for a loved one (or yourself).

Epiphone Limited Edition Slash Firebird

Epiphone Slash Firebird Electric Guitar

The Epiphone Limited Edition Slash Firebird takes on the same timeless offset waist design that the Firebird is known for, but features some unique appointments specifically requested by Slash himself. The neck is carved to a custom rounded profile to suit the playing feel favoured by the G’N’R legend, whilst a pair of Slash’s signature Seymour Duncan humbuckers reside in the neck and bridge positions. From the moment you pick it up you know you’ve got an uncompromising axe in your hands.

4. Jimmy Page

Fender Jimmy Page Dragon Telecaster Electric Guitar

We gave the Fender Jimmy Page Signature Dragon and Mirror Telecaster models are good going over in our recent blog article.

5. Jason Hook

Epiphone Jason Hook M4 Sherman Explorer Electric Guitar

Here’s one for the metallers, the Epiphone Limited Edition Jason Hook M-4 Sherman Explorer Outfit is tonally punishing and visually striking. Packing in a hefty amount of firepower via a pair of Seymour Duncan ’59 and JB humbucking pickups, Hook’s signature model is a palm-muting metalhead’s dream come true. Whether you’re chopping through downtuned riffs or cruising through solos like a beast, it is a pure joy machine.

6. Carlos Santana

PRS SE Santana Signature Electric Guitar

As bright and expressive as the man himself, Carlos Santa’s Signature guitar from PRS’ SE range is a vibrant work of art. Boasting a pair of humbuckers that produce the most sultry of tones, infectious grooves are within easy reach and you’ll be happily wailing through leads without a care in the world. As one would expect from a PRS SE model, the build quality is a cut above for its price, and the playability is phenomenal. Weighty mahogany body paired with flame maple veneer top in stunning yellow finish, sturdy wide-fat neck profiled mahogany neck with elegant bird inlay adorned fingerboard – what’s not to love?

7. Paul Gilbert

Ibanez FRM200 Paul Gilbert Signature Electric Guitar

Naturally, precision and speed are the name of the game with the Ibanez Paul Gilbert FRM200. Adhering to the “Fireman” body shape conceived by Gilbert, literally reversing the Ibanez “Iceman” shape, the deep double-cutaway design is as enigmatic as the guitarist himself. Packing a pair of Gilbert’s DiMarzio PG-13 mini-humbuckers, the raw intensity the FRM200 is capable of is nothing short of astonishing. From sleek clean licks to fat grunt-filled overdrive, this beauty sounds just as good – if not better – than it looks.

8. Dave Murray

Fender Dave Murray Stratocaster Electric Guitar

What can we say other than this is the pumped-up Strat’ we’d expect to be in the hands of one of the ‘Irons’. Dave Murray has been knocking sell-out crowds onto their collective backsides for longer than I’ve been alive (which is a very long time, let me tell you), and to say he knows what he wants from a guitar is an understatement. His Signature Stratocaster plays as sweetly as you’d expect a Strat too, and even rocks a cheeky vintage vibe. But the muscle produced by the trio of Seymour Duncans – pair of Hot Rails in the neck and bridge and a JB Jr in the middle, is the stuff dreams are made of. Plug this bad lad into your favourite tube amp, crank up to the max and play your little heart out.

9. Richie Faulkner

Fender Dave Murray Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Another guitarist from another of England’s metal royalty, Judas Priest, Richie Faulkner’s Flying-V Custom will put hair on your chest. Boasting Active EMGs – 57 in the bridge and 66 in the neck -, kitted out with a Floyd Rose 1000-Series trem and built like a tank, this is a guitar that is not for the meek and mild (unless that is you know how to switch it on when it comes to laying it down on the stage!) Pick up this axe and you take on a responsibility, the responsibility to make 1000s of heads bang in approval and bring metal to the masses.

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