Michael Molloy Single

Michael Molloy, one of the three young people tragically killed in the Bestival coach crash last year, is set to release a posthumous single

When news reports started to filter through about a coach crash, involving a coach full of young people heading back from Bestival on the Isle of White, it had a particular resonance with fellow music fans.

Perhaps it was because they were following a pilgrimage that other music fans make themselves every year, or perhaps it was the idea of a great weekend of revelry turning into something so tragic- but whatever the reasoning, the wider musical community was unified in sympathy for the loss of Kerry Ogden, Michael Molloy and driver Colin Daulby. All were from the Merseyside area.

Sunday Best - Michael Molloy

Rob Da Bank’s Sunday Best label Release Single

Eighteen year-old Michael Molloy’s love of music extended further than being simply an audience member. He was a guitarist and songwriter.

Now, Bestival’s founder, Rob Da Bank, has released the last song Michael recorded as a single. ‘Rise and Fall’ was recorded just two months before the crash in September, with friend Alex Evans, and has been released with another of his compositions ‘Hope You Know’.

It was a driving ambition for Michael to get his music heard in the wider world, and, in releasing the two songs via his Sunday Best label, Rob Da Bank recognised what a ‘…young and rare talent’ he was.

Rob Da Bank - Sunday Best Head

To coincide with the launch, a memorial event for the three victims was held at Liverpool’s Nation complex.

The single’s progress has been steadily gathering momentum since it was made available to pre-order via iTunes last month.

With the official download date set for 30th April, hopes are high that the two songs will find a large audience, and fulfil Michael’s ambitions.

I hope you’ll join the Dawsons Liverpool team, who knew Michael as a regular, and Dawsons as a whole in celebrating the talents of a young man, that the world has been so prematurely denied.