A welcome addition to the family sees the Blackstar Fly 3 Acoustic offer the same perfectly portable design to the world of acoustic guitar...

Battery-powered acoustic amp joins the compact Blackstar Fly family…

The Fly family of portable amplifiers are fantastic for practising, gigging, recording, and travelling with. The latest addition to join the Fly family is the cool Blackstar Fly 3 Acoustic, which brings the same leading features seen in the Fly 3, Fly Bluetooth, and Fly Bass to the world of acoustic guitars.


  • 3-Watts Power
  • Shape Select
  • EQ (Bass & Treble)
  • Built-in Echo
  • MP3 / Line In
  • Speaker Emulated Output
  • Battery Powered (6 x AA )
  • Optional Extension Cab
  • Optional PSU-1 Power Supply

Blackstar Practicality: Design at its Best

Over at Dawsons Music, we love all things Blackstar Amps related from their powerhouse pedals to stadium-filling rigs. Their ingenious, forward-thinking approach to amp and pedal design is complimented beautifully by visually commanding aesthetics. Not only that, but everything they produce is delightfully practical in that their is a dire need for each one.

When it comes to taking an amp on the road there are many considerations to be made. First off there is sturdiness and the chassis’ ability to withstand the knocks that come with moving around, Secondly, you need to be able to power the amp long enough to get some enjoyment out of playing it. Thirdly, it has got to sound good or else, what’s the point?

Amongst a plethora of other considerations, Blackstar Fly amps tick all the boxes when it comes to the ideal portable powerhouse. The Fly 3 Acoustic is as tough as old boots, looks delightfully elegant, and produces a crystal clear output that is the stuff dreams are made of.

It’s Not Just for Guitar…

Pick up any acoustic instrument with a pickup fitted, be it guitar, ukulele, mandolin, electric violin, etc., and the Fly 3 Acoustic will dutifully carry out anything thrown its way. Whether you’re practising at home, busking on the street, or want to want to use it as a monitor within a larger rig, you and your acoustic instrument of choice are sorted!

Expandable Set-up

The Blackstar Fly 3 Acoustic can capably pull off a low-key gig or performance on its lonesome, but what if you fancied a bit more oomph? Well, get the Fly Acoustic 103 powered extension cabinet involved and you’re prayers are answered, giving you a total of 6-Watts to play with.

For you 50 to 100-Watt tube amp purists who might scoff at a 6-Watt offering, all we’ll say is just play one, crank it, and let us know then whether you think it’s loud enough.

Battery Powered or PSU? It’s Up to You

Under normal playing conditions, the Fly 3 Acoustic can run for up to 55 hours on a mere six AA batteries – 55 HOURS! There is an optional Blackstar PSU-1 (power supply unit), which keeps you comfortably rocking until you drop. Seriously though, 55 hours of playing should be enough to see you through for a while, right?

Blackstar Amplification at Dawsons Music

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