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Blackstar ID Series – Overview

Blackstar ID Series – Overview

The Blackstar ID Series of guitar amps offer incredible tonal flexibility, with new LOUD as Valve technology

The Blackstar ID Series of guitar amps has been announced. This new range of amplifiers was described by Blackstar as the ‘biggest ever’ product launch the company has ever made. Now that the veil has been removed, what has the ID Series got to offer?

Well, unlike previous amp models this range employs the newly developed True Valve Power, LOUD as Valve technology. This offers emulation of six power valve responses, complete with authentic dynamics and more. Most amplifiers that claim to do this type of emulation achieve it at distinctly ‘transistor’ volume levels, but this drawback is also done away with in the ID range…

True Valve Power

The technology at the heart of the Blackstar ID Series has been researched and developed over a period of seven years. This allows the amplifier to emulate six different power amp valve responses: EL84, EL34, 6V6, KT88, 6L6 and KT66. The power amp section of a valve amp dictates the  tone to a huge degree, but often, technology that claims to emulate their response falls short of authenticity. Blackstar ‘s investment in this has been huge, however, and they claim that the ID amplifier series recreates the sag, overdrive break up and, most importantly, the dynamics of a real valve amp.
The technology that enables this is dubbed True Valve Power – LOUD as Valve. Unlike other, emulation amplifiers, the Blackstar ID Series delivers the acoustic power of a valve equivalent. These affordable deliver volume levels for all manner of live situations.

Blackstar ID100 TVP Guitar Amp head

The ID Series of guitar amps is designed to offer exceptional programmability to the user. Six different channels are offered via the Voice control: OD1, OD2, Crunch, Super Crunch, Clean Warm, and Clean Bright. These can be further edited, and Blackstar ’s ISF control (infinite shape feature) allows just about any tone to be wrung from the amp.

Blackstar ID Series Panel

The effects section provides a range of incredibly versatile studio quality effects, with reverbs, delays, and modulation effects available simultaneously. All tone settings can be saved as user presets, for easy recall later. For those who like to edit in depth, the Blackstar ID Series can be connected to a computer via a USB socket, and tones edited in incredible detail with the included GUI software.

Here’s a summary of the Blackstar ID range’s key features:

  • Emulates valve power amp response – True Valve Power, LOUD as Valve
  • Six different power amp responses – 6L6, 6V6, EL84, EL34, KT88, KT66
  • Valve levels of output – emulates the acoustic power of a valve amp
  • 3 band EQ – features Blackstar ‘s Infinite Sound Feature
  • Onboard effects – modulation, delay and reverb effects with on-board tuner
  • Edit in depth – connect via USB to a computer, and edit tones in detail with included GUI software
  • 128 user presets – store 128 of your own tones
  • Available in 4 versions – Blackstar ID:60TVP – 60W programmable combo, Blackstar ID:260TVP – 2x60W programmable combo, Blackstar ID:60TVP-H – 60W programmable head, Blackstar ID:100TVP – 100W programmable head

The new Blackstar ID Series promises to be a very exciting new addition to their already impressive line-up. Perhaps even more appealing, the press release for range repeatedly uses the word ‘affordable’.

Order the ID Series of guitar amps from our online store here. Call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420) For more information.

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  1. Josh

    Looks awesome, but I believe the 260 is a 60w 2×12 combo as opposed to a 2x60w combo

  2. Josh

    Nope, I’d like to retract that last comment. It’s a 2x60W stereo 2×12 combo. Awesome!

    • Joe

      Hi Josh,

      Yeah, I had to double take when I saw the press release. got a chance to hear them at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt last week, and they sound great. I suspect these are going to be big… 😉


  3. maggs

    These Amps are the best….but when are they out in the shops?…when can i order one and receive it?

    • Joe

      Hi James,

      We have lots of ID amps on order, which are just starting to arrive now (we received some 60W combos and 100W heads). The rest of the range should be arriving any time now. If there is a specific model you’re looking for, give our customer service team a call (01925 582420), and they may well be able to provide a more accurate indication of when we should expect the amp you would like.

      I hope that this is some help.

      Kind regards,