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Blackstar Sonnet Series: Acoustic Bliss

Blackstar Sonnet Series: Acoustic Bliss

Blackstar's Sonnet Achieves Artistic Verisimilitude

We all know by now that Blackstar Amplification knows a thing or two about designing and building exceptional gear. From peerless amp design to road- or studio-ready effects units, they strive to carve out epic tones from pocket-sized powerhouses to stadium-filling rigs. The Blackstar Sonnet series is a little different though.

What makes the Blackstar Sonnet unique?

Taking a step back from altering or imprinting a tonal character, the Blackstar Sonnet series is instead designed to simply elevate and exhibit the natural response of your acoustic instrument in all its glory.

Whether you're a hard strumming crooner, a deft fingerpicking instrumentalist, or a percussive fingerboard wizard like the virtuoso who helped in the design of the Sonnet series, Jon Gomm, everyone is welcomed with open arms by the Sonnet 60 and the Sonnet 120.

How does Sonnet achieve natural sound?

As we found out when we visited their HQ back in November, the Blackstar design and testing teams work tirelessly to hone their craft with each and every piece of kit.

The result with the Sonnet 60 and Sonnet 120 are the corresponding Natural 60 and Natural 120 speakers, which are custom voiced to ensure that the subtle nuances of your acoustic instrument, as well as your playing style, are translated with the utmost fidelity.

Thanks to the ported cabinet design, low-end clarity along with extended bass frequencies ensures that the full-bodied tone of your acoustic guitar rings true, just as you'd expect to hear and feel as you perform.

Live Performance and Recording-friendly

Each model in the Blackstar Sonnet series boasts two independent channels - microphone and instrument -, which each have their own EQ and reverb level settings along with a range of features such as XLR and USB outputs. The low-latency profile ensures that you can master any situation from performing on the main stage to tracking live performances in the studio.

Not only that but the inclusion of Bluetooth audio playback means that whether you're a soloist, duo performer or ensemble member you can utilise backing tracks to accompany your performance.

As if all that wasn't enough, you can use all four inputs simultaneously.

Taming those high frequencies

Rather than dictating terms when it comes to harmonics and high frequencies, Blackstar elects to put the power in your hands. The built-in High Pass Filter and Brilliance controls allow you to fine-tune high frequencies as you wish to bring out the character of your instrument on your terms.

Not forgetting that there are two state-of-the-art studio-quality reverbs to give your tone breadth and depth in the most tonally dead environments. Choose from either HALL or PLATE options and let your tone chime with graceful exuberance.

Lean back or stand tall

Whether you're on the street or in a crowded bar, the Blackstar Sonnet amps include a built-in tilt-stand for improved audio projection, as well as the ability to use the SA-2 stand adaptor (sold separately) for connecting the Sonnet 60 or Sonnet 120 to a standard 5mm PA speaker stand.

Lightweight and easy to use, the Blackstar Sonnet series are perfect for those who want an acoustic amplifier that gives without taking. By that we mean that you have a plethora of professional-level features to elevate your tones without diminishing the character of your instruments. What more could you want?

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