Another bright start to the year with the announcement of the Blackstar Studio 10 amps. Check them out here and add some boutique vibes to your days.

Boutique style without the price tag

Kicking off 2019 in emphatic fashion, we are more than happy to introduce the Blackstar Studio 10 amps in all their glory. These all valve combos tip their hats to classic models of yesteryear with EL34 and 6L6 models that effuse tonal elegance. Let’s take a closer look at each model…

Image of a guitar amp from the front

Blackstar Studio 10 EL34

The Studio 10 EL34 is Blackstar’s tribute to the legendary British amps of yore, which were the bedrock of the tones that we still revere today. A confident 10-watts at its disposal, the combination of ECC83 in the preamp stage and EL34 in the power amp generate a sophisticated creaminess that is a blues’ player’s dream come true. Built-in boost takes you into overdriven hard rock heaven. Equipped with a Celestion Seventy-80 12-inch speaker, the low-end remains tight and punchy, whilst the upper mids pop out with passion and the highs sings sweetly. When it comes to harmonic content, you’ve got it in spades!

The finish is undeniably cool with black covering encasing the enclosure, whilst vintage-style cream piping borders the speaker grille cloth that proudly bears the manufacturer’s logo.

Blackstar Studio 10 6L6

Image of a guitar amp from the front

Taking its cue from the other side of the Atlantic, the Studio 10 6L6 is Blackstar’s tribute to amps built by our American cousins. Packing an ECC83 in the preamp stage and a 6L6 in the power amp, this is a much brighter affair than the EL34.

Give this beauty a push in the right direction and you’re treated to searing heat without getting burnt. Blackstar even put a little something extra into the 6L6, a built-in overdrive circuit that takes inspiration from their exceptional HT-Drive pedal. When you want to elevate your lead lines – but don’t want to crash into a raucous mess – Blackstar enable you to strike the balance in immaculate fashion.

A Celestion Seventy-80 12-inch speaker also lies at the heart of this magnificent little 10-watter, translating your tone with such transparency it could bring a tear to the eye.

Rather than a black finish, the Studio 10 6L6 comes in cream tolex with Oxblood speaker grille cloth and white piping. ‘Visually commanding’ are the words you’re looking for.

Blackstar to the core

As we’d expect from Blackstar, both Studio 10 amps bear the usual technical accoutrements. There’s an emulated output (FYI mono and taken after the power amp), which is ideal for feeding directly to a PA or studio recording without having to mic up the amp.

The Series effects loop allows you to slot the effects that you wish to in between the preamp and power amp stages, rather than solely via the input (which would put your effects in front of the preamp). As noted, it’s something we’ve come to expect from the team at Blackstar but no less appreciated.

The Studio 10 EL34 and 6L6 both come with a single-button footswitch to activate the built-in Boost and Overdrive functions. You can also use an optional 2-button footswitch for controlling Boost/Overdrive and Reverb too.

We’ll leave it to you

We’re not going to resort to embellishment, as we could go on forever. You can hear and see how awesome the Blackstar Studio 10 EL34 and 6L6 amps are. All you need to do now is check them out for yourself!

As ever, if you need any help or advice then our Customer Service Team are more than happy to help over the phone on 01925 582420. Our in-store specialists will guide you through the wonderful world of guitar amps and effects, just pop into your nearest Dawsons store.

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