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Here’s an exclusive Bombay Bicycle Club interview to whet your appetite ahead the forthcoming Farida guitars…

The response following the unveiling of the two stunning Farida Bombay Bicycle Club guitars was huge. These two, pared-down beauties have clearly caught the eye of a great number of guitarists out there.

If you’ve already read the Q&A with the Jamie and Jack, you may recall that they were kind enough to give us an exclusive performance of ‘Rinse Me Down’ on their new instruments.

It appears that at the same session, they also gave a mini interview. In it, they discuss their earliest guitars and playing experiences, share influences from throughout their staggeringly eclectic back catalogue, and tell us about those two, beautiful guitars.

In addition, they also gave a performance of ‘Dust On The Ground’, too. For fans of the band, or just fans of great musicianship, this is real treat.

You can see both the Bombay Bicycle Club interview, and performance videos below.

Highly limited edition Artist Designed guitars

Bombay Bicycle Club Interview - Farida Artist Designed Guitars

If this is the first you’ve heard about the Bombay Bicycle Club guitars, allow me to get you up to speed…

These two guitars are part of the highly exclusive Farida Artist Designed range. These are signature guitars with a difference. The concept is simple- approach some of the most exciting musical talent, and offer them the chance to create their ideal instrument with no compromises.

Then, through the magic of Farida’s luthiers, make this a reality. Then, produce these unique instruments, with a production run of no more than 25 units worldwide, giving a lucky group of guitarists a chance to own a little piece of history.

Bombay Bicycle Club Interview - Farida Artist Designed Guitars

The two Bombay Bicycle Club guitars took a very unique approach, choosing to keep the aesthetics as simple as possible. In terms of tone and playability, these two guitars are as good as it gets, as you can hear in the videos below.

Jamie McCall’s model, with a spruce top and rosewood back, can be found on our website here, whilst Jack’s spruce and mahogany model can be found here.

Bombay Bicycle Club Interview - Farida Artist Designed Guitars

For more information on these two guitars, call our customer service team (01925 582420). With such limited numbers yet reasonable prices, these guitars are already selling fast, ahead of their arrival. If you’re interested, speed is of the essence…

In the meantime, enjoy these two videos.