The Waza Craft Series promises all Analog components and premium sound quality, so what’s the story?


The new BOSS Waza Craft pedals have just been announced with 3 new compacts kicking off the series. Old favourites such as the BD-2 Blues Driver and the DM-2 Delay have been given the “WAZA” treatment and promise to deliver the famous sound signatures of the past and present BOSS pedals that they’re based on. There’s also some additional BOSS wizardry allowing for switchable modes and customized tones.

Designed by BOSS’s elite engineering team, the Waza Craft series marks what appears to be, the beginning of a whole new chapter in the BOSS legacy. BOSS has always prided itself on making innovative, inspiring products in an attempt to make people’s lives better through Music. So it was inevitable that they wouldn’t wait long before delivering a change to their iconic compact range.

“Waza” is a Japanese term that very loosely translates as “art and technique and it symbolizes a level of excellence that is only achieved through years of dedication and commitment to one’s craft. So BOSS are very clearly stating that these compacts are their very best to date and each has the “Waza” stamp to prove it.



The original BOSS DM-2 was released 30 years ago and had a, much coveted, richness and warmth due to its analog componentry. However, things changed when a new kid on the block rolled up…the BOSS DD2 revolutionized the stompbox delay market when it appeared in the mid 80s. Henceforth the DM-2 disappeared into the shadows (and the memories) of players who loved its great tone …sparking a great and long lasting demand for used DM-2s.

Now, in 2014 the DM-2W has arrived to bring together the outstanding build quality of modern BOSS compacts with the classic tones of yester-year. Using 100-percent analog circuitry and a BBD delay line, you get a swanky mode switch which allows you to go back in time or use all the original tonal loveliness in a modern style delay. Standard mode in the DM-2W captures the lush, thick tone and 20-300 ms delay range of the original DM-2 whilst the Custom mode changes the sound character to a cleaner analog tone with over twice the available delay time.



We recently reviewed the original BOSS BD-2 Blues Driver on our YouTube Channel and the latest reincarnation, the BOSS BD-2W, seems like it will have all the awesome creaminess and fat, Bluesy tones of the original. This time replicated in full analog glory in Standard mode (the “S” position) on the new pedal which provides the classic sound character of the original BD-2 and (just like the DM-2) it also has a Custom mode (“C”) which delivers new body and sustain.


And finally the BOSS SD-1W Super Overdrive whose original was renowned for producing the warm, natural distortion of an overdriven tube amplifier, whilst maintaining the subtle nuances that comes through individual guitarist’s playing technique. Has also been WAZA’d (to coin a phrase!). It is now even smoother, even more reliable and has that crafty little switchable mode too.
We can’t wait to get them on our pedalboards!