Boss GT-100 Amp Effects Processor

The Boss GT-100 Effects Processor is unveiled, offering new, next generation COSM modelling

The Boss GT-100 effects processor is the latest in a long and illustrious line of guitar effect units developed by Roland ‘s more guitar focussed subsidiary, Boss. There has been a subtle change of name from its predecessor the GT-10, which provides an indication of one the unit’s new areas of strength; the GT-10 was a ‘Guitar effects Processor’, the GT-100 is an ‘Amp Effects Processor’.

Rather than being a unit primarily concerned with providing a wide range of flexible and configurable effects (which it also does superbly, however), this is a unit that both simulates a wide range of classic amps with authentic character, and allows the user to edit these to create mutated versions of vintage classics.

Boss GT-100 Effects Processor

Next generation COSM processing

The ‘beating heart’ of the Boss GT-100 amp effects processor is an all-new DSP chip, which far surpasses the power of that used in the Boss GT-10. As a result of the extra processing power offered by this chip, Boss has been able to create all new COSM (Composite Object Sound Modelling) amp models, which are far more detailed and complex than those of all of the company’s previous processors. With incredible responsiveness and dynamics, these recreations of classic vintage and modern amps span the full spectrum of amp tones, from classic and clean, to searing high gain sounds. Aside from the superb quality of amp models offered by the Boss GT-100, the unit offers the facility to edit these to create new, unique models, for truly original amp tones. In addition, overdrive and distortion types can be edited similarly, via OD/OS Customise. And for those who like to edit speedily, the new improved EZ Tone feature allows easy access to the most commonly tweaked parameters.

Boss GT-100 Amp Effects Processor

New ACCEL Pedal provides incredible control

Alongside the new COSM amp models, the Boss GT-100 has the astonishing selection of guitar effects we have come to expect from the flagship GT processor. From conventional reverbs and delay effects, to modulation based effects, such as chorus, flange and phaser, to more esoteric effects such as humanizer, sitar sim, slicer and many more, it is fair to say that the GT100 has just about any type of guitar effect at its disposal. Adding a new creative dimension to this, however, is the ACCEL pedal. This controller pedal allows the simultaneous control of multiple effects parameters.

With an effects processor equipped with the range of features of the Boss GT-100, it is difficult to convey its huge sonic potential in a short article such as this. It promises, however, to take the esteemed GT range of processors to a new level of creative power and flexibility. Call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420), or order online today here.

Boss GT-100 Amp Effects Processor