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Sophisticated in design, simple in execution…

When it comes to delivering bleeding-edge tech, BOSS make it look effortless. For several decades they have paved the way for others to follow ranging from tour-ready stompboxes to proprietary COSM technology and beyond within BOSS multi effects units. In recent years we were introduced to the 500 series of effects units (DD-/MD-/RV-/VE-) covering Digital Delay, Modulation, Reverb, and Vocal Performance respectively. Each one crams in vast amounts of processing power in pedalboard-friendly units, boasting intuitive control layouts and tone-sculpting abilities that are the stuff dreams are made of.

Now, BOSS announce their 200 series of effects units, which scale down each unit’s dimensions to make them even easier to slot into your pedalboard setup. There’s the DD-200 Digital Delay, EQ-200 Graphic Equalizer, MD-200 Modulation, and OD-200 Hybrid Drive. All 200 series pedal are endowed with exceptional features that include premium audio quality with a whopping 32-AD/DA, 32-bit internal processing, and 96kHz sampling rate. Not only that but they all support additional control via external footswitches, expression pedals, or MIDI. As we’re sure you’ll agree, that is a rather inspiring start.

Let’s get acquainted with each one, shall we?

1. DD-200 Digital Delay

BOSS DD-200 Digital Delay Multi Effects Unit

When it comes to delay pedals, BOSS DD stompboxes have been knocking it out of the park for years. When the DD-500 rolled out it we all marvelled at the complexity of effects on offer. Now, imagine how we feel to know that the DD-200 Digital Delay inherits that same epic firepower yet allows us to slot it into the pedalboard with room to spare for others? Pretty sweet!

Within the elegant yet robust chassis you’ll find twelve highly versatile modes at your disposal with an array of delay types to play with. There’s everything here from airtight digital delays, choppy analog echoes and even retro-inspired sounds emulating the legendary Roland RE-201 Space Echo and Binson Echorec 2.

As we’d expect the layout seems elaborate at first glance but is heart-warmingly quick to get to grips with. The smooth knobs afford seamless attenuation over a variety of controls for tactile manipulation during the most frenetic of performances. Not only that, but thanks to the many connectivity options on hand you can connect footswitches galore for hands-free control over bypass, memory scrolling, tap tempo, and looper control amongst a plethora of user assignable functions.

As if all that wasn’t enough, there’s even a built-in looper mode with up to 60 seconds of mono recording time available.

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2. EQ-200 Graphic Equalizer

BOSS EQ-200 Graphic Equalizer Multi Effects Unit

Guitarists and Bassists rejoice, for BOSS have delivered a comprehensive EQ that may replace the ever faithful GE-7 for those who are craving more EQ power. Whereas the GE-7 offers no nonsense control over 7-band options, the EQ-200 Graphic Equalizer extends that to two wide-ranging 10-band EQ channels that can be used in stereo, parallel, or series. Add to that the ability to adjust the frequency centres of each band to three different types, you can optimise EQ response to suit any and every instrument from acoustic and electric guitar/bass to keyboards, synths, etc.

A standout feature on the EQ-200 has to be the onboard graphic display, which clearly shows the current EQ curve for ready visual feedback – as well as making a nice aesthetic addition. As adjustments are made you can clearly see what is happening in real-time. As with the DD-200, the EQ-200 is home to a raft of connectivity options to attach footswitches that afford significant hands-free control options during live performances.

Thanks to the versatility of the EQ-200’s A and B channels, you can dictate whether or not to link them together or use them independently. Therefore, you can choose whether effects on your pedalboard are patched in for pre-EQ or post-EQ processing. From carving out the perfect lead tone to ensuring cleans and rhythm chops are handled differently, the EQ-200 makes if remarkably easy to achieve the tone that you desire. Once you’ve done all that, you can save up to four onboard memories that can be recalled at a later point. Happy days!

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3. MD-200 Modulation

BOSS MD-200 Modulation Multi Effects Unit

As with the DD-200, the MD-200 Modulation inherits its wares from its bigger sibling the MD-500 Modulation but comes in a slimmed-down size.

There are twelve modes to get stuck into from Auto Wah to Vibrato, modern style efforts to vintage sounds like the legendary CE-1, all available via a sleek rotary dial. There are dials for Rate, Depth, and Level, as well as parameters settings tailored specifically to suit each effect type.

As with the other 200 series pedals, you can connect external footswitch that enable you to control a plethora of functions in hands-free bliss. Operate bypass, control tap tempo and beat subdivisions, and dictate whether or not you wish to connect external effects units for pre/post modulation processing.

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4. OD-200 Hybrid Drive

BOSS OD-200 Modulation Multi Effects Unit

Don’t get us wrong, Delays/EQ/Modulation are crucial components in any signal chain. But, is there anything quite as satisfying as injecting a bit of overdrive? The answer is no and for that reason we can’t wait to give the OD-200 Hybrid Drive unit a whirl.

There are 12 unique distortion/overdrive modes to choose from give you everything from sweet and subtle signal break up to downright outrageous onslaughts. By incorporating hybrid analog/digital circuitry in ways only BOSS can, each mode is a wonder within itself. On top of that there’s a three-band EQ to tinker with, as well as pre- and post-boost for deft and intricate gain shaping.

Thanks to the meticulously calibrated built-in gate circuitry (yep, you read that correctly) you can tighten up your dynamics to within an inch of their existence for aggressive palm-muted mastery at the most punishing of levels. Drive your tone into the ground or elevate it to the heavens, safe in the knowledge that you’ll avoid unwanted ear-piercing wail (if you want to that is).

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