After the success of their KATANA amplifier range, BOSS have come back with another ground-breaking series that will have gigging guitarists giggling with glee (say that in a hurry). The Nextone Series features the Stage and the Artist, which are 40- and 80-Watt models respectively with custom 12-inch drivers that deliver a silky smooth output. The lightweight and road-ready construction is complemented by a stylish exterior with the BOSS logo proudly displayed across the front panel.

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Why are they so special you might you ask? Well…

The Nextone Series boasts BOSS’ Tube Logic technology and allows one of four Class AB analogue power amp types to be chosen: 6V6, 6L6, EL84 and EL34. With the turn of a dial on the front panel you have instant access to a low-wattage American-style amp with sweet articulation, a modern high-gain American-style design with generous headroom, a beefy British ’50s/early-’60s with glassy overtones, and a good old-fashioned British stack that is the backbone of every legendary rock riff.

So far, so groovy. But here’s where it comes into its own.

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BOSS’ Nextone Editor

The Stage and Artist both feature USB connectivity, which enables you to connect to your PC and makes it a breeze to record directly to your DAW of choice. Not only that but re-amping is made ever so simple thanks to the multi-channel output support. However, even that’s not the reason why we’re excited over here at Dawsons.

The boffins at BOSS have taken tone-tinkering to the next level with their Nextone Editor software. The user-friendly interface allows you to dive deep into the amp’s internal settings and change pretty much everything. The dual-channel design features a custom switch that unlocks custom channels that can be fine-tuned to suit your tastes. You can adjust each channel’s tone stack setting to American or British, and shape each channel’s EQ. As if that’s not enough, you can even tweak the bias and sag settings of the tubes for the response you want. No amp tech or expensive maintenance required!

There are Boost and Tone switches that can be used to inject extra gain or brilliant sparkle whenever you wish. Even they can be changed within the Nextone Editor software too – I know right?! You can turn the Boost function into a compressor and the Tone switch has two different types to choose from. With 99 individual user setups at your disposal you can set up as many pre-gig settings as you need before a show.

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The real deal

Fancy tech aside the Nextone Stage and Artist live up to the hype by producing absolutely sublime tube tones. Crank up the gain on the amp and open her up for ludicrously rich, saturated tones. Whether you opt for the 40- or 80-Watt model, you can achieve the same full-bodied tone at lower output levels. How so? Simply adjust the power switch from Max to Half or 0.5-Watts (there’s also a standby function). So, if you’re practising at home and want fat, sweet tone without sacrificing you hearing, then change the output and you’re good to go. If you want to practise into the wee hours without causing a ruckus with your family or housemates, then the headphone/recording output is the way forward. Is there anything they haven’t thought of?

Toss into the mix built-in delay with tap function and reverb to fill any space and its happy days. Add onto that an effects loop for integrating outboard gear and you’ve got a one-stop gigging solution for weathering any storm. With BOSS’ optional GA-FC foot controller you have hands-free control over a plethora of parameters.

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We could talk for days about how great the BOSS Nextone Series amplifiers are, but instead we’ll let Tom Quayle show us how it’s done.

As ever, if you need any help or advice then our Customer Service Team are more than happy to help over the phone on 01925 582420. Our in-store specialists will guide you through the wonderful world of guitar amps and effects, just pop into your nearest Dawsons store.

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