The BOSS SY-1000 Guitar Synthesizer grab the future and drags it into the present, putting unprecedented tonal versatility under your control!

Following on from the highly successful SY-1…

The BOSS SY-1000 Guitar Synthesizer turns your guitar or bass rig into a dream station that is capable of limitless sonic options. Terms like “cutting-edge”, “ground-breaking”, “next-generation”, etc. get thrown around a lot but with regard to the SY-1000, they don’t even come close to capturing the immense potential of this unit. It’s as if several decades worth of research and craftsmanship have gone into the making of this outstanding, must have piece of kit.

You can incorporate a trio of instruments simultaneously whilst super powerful digital signal processing handles everything thrown its way to over analogue-style leads, warm pads, ever-evolving synth textures, modelled electric and acoustic tones, in any number of unfathomable combinations. Work solely within the SY-1000 or get some external hardware involved to establish a workflow that suits you and set about changing your tonal universe forever.

Once, twice, six times the power…

Advanced synthesis all the way, that’s what the SY-1000 is all about. Delivering up to 6 times the processing power of the SY-300, the newly developed sound engine leverages the power of Roland’s GK independent string processing to ensure that everything is reproduced with unparalleled precision with lightning fast response times.

Go deeper with GK processing

Though a normal 1/4-inch guitar/bass input allows for blending and Dynamic Synth processing, to get full access to all synths and modelling features you’ll need the Roland GK-compatible pickup with 13-pin cable. After that there’s no end in sight to the combinations and layers of sounds that can be conjured up by the BOSS SY-1000.

Dynamic Synth powerhouse

Sure, optimum performance of the SY-1000 is realized with the GK input, but it’s also possible to play the Dynamic Synth via the normal 1/4-inch guitar/bass jack input. The all-new Dynamic Synth allows you to choose from ten oscillator waveforms including sine, triangle, PWM, three saw types (including Roland’s famous supersaw), and more. From there you can shape the sound with six different filters, amplifier control, two LFOs, and two powerful step sequencers.

Step sequencing partnership of dreams

Once you’ve crafted a basic sound with the Dynamic Synth, there are two built-in step sequencers that allow you to creating movement through complex textures that take on a life of their own. Over 16 customisable steps you can adjust pitch, filter, and amplitude independently. Not only that but each step features 13 different envelope curves for peerless sonic control. Stack three Dynamic Synth simultaneously and can have a whopping three OSCs and six step sequencers on the go, at the same time!

OSC Synth and GR-300

Complementing the powerful Dynamic Synth are two additional synth instruments. OSC Synth is an analogue-style engine with lots of filter options, full ADSR control, and high-definition sound with the discrete GK input. Also included is a perfect sonic recreation of the Roland GR-300, the legendary 1980s analogue guitar synth used by some of the world’s most influential guitarists.

Advanced Guitar/Bass Modelling and Poly FX

The BOSS SY-1000 isn’t solely about synthesis – although it does that pretty well – it also hosts a refreshed feature set with regard to instrument modelling inherited from historic BOSS and Roland GK gear. You could lose yourself for years in the vast selection of electric, acoustic, and bass guitar types are available, each with independent tuning, EQ, virtual amp settings, and more.

There’s also a highly expressive VIO Guitar instrument, which alters the input signal’s envelope and harmonic characteristics to create tones reminiscent of bowed instruments. Finally, the cool Poly FX instrument delivers richly textured voices with high-res definition only possible with GK processing.

Class-leading effects thanks to the GT-1000

The BOSS SY-1000’s signal processing and user interface are inherited from BOSS’ flagship GT-1000 multi-effects so, you already know they’re going to sound amazing and be delightfully simple to use. Easily customisable via a selection of buttons and knobs, visual confirmation coming via a large LCD and the ability to manipulate the workflow to suit you, what more could you ask for?

The BOSS SY-1000‘s footswitches can all be reassigned to carry out any function your heart desires. Utilise Manual mode for rapid on/off access to the three instruments and normal input. Incorporate up to four external footswitches or two expression pedals with MIDI I/O as icing on the cake. The Main and Sub outputs are normally used for mixed stereo signals, but can also be configured as four discrete outputs, complete with dedicated EQ on each. And with the moveable effects loop, you can smoothly integrate all your external gear.

Audio/MIDI interface too?

The BOSS SY-1000 home is to a USB audio/MIDI interface, which unlocks a universe of creative potential with your favourite DAW. With the GK input, you’re able to record each of your instrument’s strings to separate audio tracks, either processed live or captured dry for later “re-synth” processing through the SY-1000. And with the Guitar-to-MIDI/Bass-to-MIDI function, you can use your axe to play soft synths, record MIDI sequences, input notation data, and more.

Quick Feature List

  • BOSS’s most powerful guitar/bass synth and modelling processor ever
  • Next-generation synth engine with custom DSP and 48 kHz/32-bit processing throughout
  • Unprecedented sound and expression with three simultaneous instrument types and advanced real-time signal processing
  • Each instrument provides pitch, level, and panning of each string for instant alternate tunings and wide, layered voicings
  • New Dynamic Synth perfectly follows the guitar’s natural envelope for uncompromised tone shaping
  • Dynamic Synth includes two 16-part step sequencers for evolving control of pitch, filter, and amplitude
  • Newly refreshed versions of historic BOSS/Roland guitar synth and modelling technologies: OSC Synth, GR-300, E.Guitar, E.Bass, Acoustic, VIO Guitar, and Poly FX
  • New sound engine and GK 13-pin interface deliver clear, dynamic sound and precision tracking with zero latency
  • Normal ¼-inch guitar/bass input for blending and Dynamic Synth processing
  • Premium effects and amps derived from the flagship GT-1000
  • Large LCD and intuitive editing interface for free-flowing sound creation
  • Eight freely assignable footswitches, external control support, effects loop, and configurable Main/Sub outputs
  • USB Audio/MIDI and MIDI I/O, plus Guitar-to-MIDI/Bass-to-MIDI function
  • Dedicated Guitar and Bass modes
  • Customize sounds with the BOSS Tone Studio editor and download pro patches at BOSS Tone Central
  • Roland GK-compatible pickup and 13-pin cable required for full access to all synth and modelling features

Grab your new BOSS SY-1000 Guitar Synthesizer now!