Gibson’s new Min-ETune Technology is causing a stir – Brian May praises his new Min-ETune equipped SG

One of the most unexpected additions to the 2013 Gibson catalogue was the addition of Min-ETune automatic tuning systems.

Auto-tuning tech is not new to Gibson- the brand has pioneered this with groundbreaking guitars such as the Robot and Darkfire. However, this technology is now available on a huge range of its guitars for a premium of just £130.

Now, Brian May has had the opportunity to get to grips with the system, and a stunning SG, and its fair to say he’s impressed…

Brian May - Min-ETune Technology

A stunning SG that tunes itself, with no additional wiring

It seems that Brian May has been harbouring a secret crush for the SG for some time. As a result, he’s rather pleased to get one of the lovely new Min-ETune equipped guitars. Speaking to the guys at Gibson, he says,

“ I have always loved the SG, ever since a friend of mine at school, Woolly Hammerton, traded in his Telecaster for one, looking for a ‘new sound’ (which I think he found), and which I coveted deeply!

Having one of the new models is almost as exciting as getting my hands on Woolly’s!! Somehow the SG still looks perfect, feels perfect and smells perfect. Oh, and it still sounds pretty damn good!

I’m just getting used to the new Min-ETune function, which is a great tool in the studio for quick alternative tunings, and opens up a whole new world of opportunities.

Enjoy it!!!

Rock it!!”

Well, that’s a great example of what an SG can do for a guitarist… 😉

Gibson Guitars - Min-ETune Tuners

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Min-ETune system is slightly different from previous auto-tuning systems. The unit fits to the back of the headstock, and works like a contact tuner. So, there is no additional bridge tech- just the headstock unit.

Switching the unit on, then strumming the open strings a few times sets the motorised tuners to work their magic.

One of the nicest things about it is that the speed, simplicity of changing tunings encourages you to experiment and try new things.