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Get ‘insider’ tricks and tips from three great guitarists, at a Charity British Guitar Academy Masterclass

Whilst music lessons and practice, rightfully, form the bedrock of all good guitarists’ first musical steps, often the very best have benefited from being able to ask questions or get advice of other great guitarists, and gained insight into their approach and technique, seeing the instrument from another perspective. This is something that Marillion founder and guitarist Steve Rothery firmly believes, and it led him to start the British Guitar Academy. Conceived as a resource and archive, for great guitarists to share their wealth of knowledge and technique, the British Guitar Academy is a project of audacious scope, but one that can benefit any guitarist.

Steve Rothery

To celebrate the launch of his new signature guitar, the Farida A-SR acoustic, Steve will be leading a Charity British Guitar Academy Masterclass at the Red Door venue in Chester on May the 20th.

Raising money for the Hope House Children’s Hospice

For those unaware of his work, Steve Rothery has been involved with prog rock legends Marillion for over three decades, touring the World, and selling millions of records in the process. Any event at which attendees could benefit from Steve’s exceptional talent is a great opportunity, to say the least. However, on this evening, Steve will be joined by two other superb guitarists…

Dave Foster

Dave Foster plays with Mr So&So, where he plies his trade across a dizzying range of styles. A player of incredible technical ability, Dave is also something of a guitar obsessive. Matt Prior is a producer and professional guitarist, whose impressive credits include artists from Bonnie Tyler, to work with Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason.

Matt Prior

The evening will feature demonstrations and performances from the three players, along with Q & A sessions and more. The event is a great opportunity for all guitarists to pick some invaluable techniques and tips, but there is an added worthwhile reason for attending. The proceeds from tickets, priced at £10 each, will raise money for Hope House Children’s Hospice.

Farida A-SR Steve Rothery Signature Acoustic Guitar

Steve will be playing his new Farida A-SR acoustic guitar at the event, and this will be the first opportunity to see this superb instrument. Limited to just 25 individually numbered units Worldwide, the Farida A-SR is available at a special pre-order price of £999. A quantity of these wonderful guitars is still available.

For those wishing to attend the British Guitar Academy Masterclass with Steve Rothery, call Dawsons Music on 01925 582420. Places are limited to just 70, so book early to ensure that you get a ticket.

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