Zoom MS 50G Multistomp Effects Pedal

All the guitar effects pedals you need to gig, for under £150

All musicians understand the importance of having the right pedals on their pedal board. But, if you’re just starting out, or even want a second pedal board at home for practising, starting a new rig can seem quite daunting, and expensive! Fear not, there’s plenty of options out there that fall under the “budget-friendly” bracket. So much so that you can even get a full pedal board for a lot less than you think. With this in mind, we’ve put together a few options that can provide you with a complete pedal board for under £150. Here are three combinations to get you started on your journey to effects heaven.

Combination 1 :

Dr Tone DST101Dr Tone FTN101

Dr Tone DLY101 Analog Delay Pedaltrain Nano Pedalboard With Soft Cas

  1. Pedaltrain Nano Pedalboard With Soft Case
  2. Dr Tone DST101 Distortion B
  3. Dr Tone DLY101 Analog Delay
  4. Dr Tone FTN101 Tuner

In this combination, you have everything you need to gig at all levels. The Dr Tone DST101 is a great addition to any pedal board. This distortion allows you to sculpt your sound in a variety of different ways so you can go from smooth overdrive tones to full on metal riffage at the flick of a switch.

The all-important tuner pedal comes in the form of the Dr Tone FTN101. This features true bypass, meaning your signal is never coloured when the pedal isn’t in use. We also have the essential delay pedal in the form of the ultra-reliable Dr Tone DLY101 Analog Delay. Dr Tone seems to just get it right every time they release a new pedal, and this one is a no-fuss delay that does everything it says. From quick slapback delay to long drawn out repeats – you’ll get it all. Finally, we have the awesome Pedaltrain Nano Plus Pedalboard With Soft Case to store and carry all your pedals around. There is also plenty of room to add new effects too when you decide to give in to the pedal addiction – trust me it happens. All of this for under £150 with change left over for some cables to connect them.

Combination 2:

Electro Harmonix Pedalboard Bag Zoom MS-50G Multistomp Effects Pedal

Electro Harmonix Screaming Bird Guitar Effects Pedal Electro Harmonix 9-Volt Battery

  1. Electro Harmonix Pedalboard Bag
  2. Zoom MS-50G Multistomp Effects Pedal
  3. Electro Harmonix Screaming Bird

OK, so we’re kind of cheating here as this combination features a multi-effects pedal. But it’s a seriously good one and brings the price way lower than £150! For starters, we have the Electro Harmonix Pedalboard Bag, which features a great selection of handy dividers and Velcro strips. Essential to keep your pedals in place during transit. It even includes a non-slip board on the inside on which to place your pedals. Easy to carry and even easier to set up – a great choice.

Next up we have an absolute monster of an effects pedal – the Zoom MS-50G Multistomp Effects Pedal. This great multi-effects pedal features a huge range of different effects including Dynamics / Filter, Overdrive / Distortion, Amp models, Modulation / Special Effects, Delay / Reverb and even a built-in chromatic tuner. It’s essentially an entire pedal board and studio’s worth of amps in one tiny box. You can scroll through different amp sound and effects easily and even use 6 different effects at the same time. Once you’ve come up with your perfect combination of sounds you can save them and recall the combinations via the footswitch during your gig.

Finally we have the Electro Harmonix Screaming Bird Guitar Effects Pedal. This killer pedal from the folks at EHX provides up to 20dB of high frequency gain to any amplifier – perfect for when you want to kick in to a solo. This pedal is ideal when you need to push your sound just that little bit further or to really make those riffs pop over the sound of the drums. Although this is only a 2 pedal combination, but it’s everything you need to gig with, especially as both pedals can be powered via batteries.

Combination 3:

Boss BCB-30 Pedal Board Boss DS-1 Distortion PedalBoss CH-1 Super Chorus Pedal
  1. BOSS BCB-30 Pedal Board
  2. BOSS DS-1
  3. BOSS CH-1 Super Chorus

First up we have the BOSS BCB-30 Pedal Board. This has been custom built by the team at BOSS to take up to three of their fantastic (and sturdy) pedals, including all the power and patch leads needed. Like all their pedals, this pedal board is as heavy duty as they come, made from moulded resin. As such, it will last years and years of gigging, keeping your guitar effects and cables as safe as can be.

Seeing as this pedalboard is designed to fit in BOSS pedals, we’ve included two of their most popular effects. For distortion, there are few better than the BOSS DS-1. It’s pretty much an industry standard distortion pedal used by some of the greatest guitar players of all time, such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and loads more. So you’re in good company. It’s easy to use too and is comfortable in all aspects of music, from metal to country. Get great distortion and smooth solo tones in an instant.

Next up is the BOSS CH-1 Super Chorus Pedal, which is another industry standard and widely used in studios. You get rich, shimmering chorus tones with three-dimensional ambience that can actually be split between two amps thanks to the stereo outputs. This basically means you can hook it up to two amps and make it sound like two different guitarists are playing at the same time. It’s robust, offers masses of versatility and is covered by BOSS’ 5-year warranty for customers who register their pedal.

OK, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a gap in the board here, but don’t worry, you’ve got some change left over to put towards your next pedal when the budget allows for it. Here’s a bunch of BOSS pedals that would easily fit in that gap – but I’d recommend the DM-2W Delay or the TU-3 Tuner pedal

Combination 4:

Right, let’s pretend you don’t need a place to store and carry your pedals in, and you just want to get straight to the pedals. Good job we’ve got you covered here at Dawsons. Here’s a complete combination of pedals for under £150 that’ll get you gig-ready comprising of a tuner, distortion and some forms of modulation and delay – all essential pedals for the budding guitarist.

Dr Tone FTN101 Chromatic Floor Tuner Pedal Dr Tone DST101

Dr Tone CHR101 Analog Chorus Pedal Rowin Pure Echo

  1. Dr Tone FTN101 Chromatic Floor Tuner
  2. Rowin LEF-324 Plexion Modeller
  3. Dr Tone CHR101 Analog Chorus
  4. Rowin LEF-3803 Pure Echo

The first pedal on our list must be the ultra-reliable Dr Tone FTN101 Chromatic Floor Tuner Pedal. This is a budget friendly tuner that supports drop and down tuning setups as well as your standard tuned guitars. So it’s quite versatile to say the least. It’s also battery or 9V adapter operated (sold separately) so you’ve got options. Next up we refer back to the superb Dr Tone DST101 distortion pedal we mentioned earlier. It’s a seriously mean distortion pedal for a seriously small price.

As for Chorus pedals, the Dr Tone CHR101 Analog Chorus Pedal is one of the best (and cheapest) you can get. Yes, it’s budget-friendly, but the quality is amazing. Lush chorus tones that can be manipulated to your liking and really beef up your sound.

I for one would always recommend that you always have a delay pedal on your board. They can add a great new element to your sound and really add some thickness to solos and riffs. With that in mind, let me draw your attention to the Rowin LEF-3803 Pure Echo. A tiny, compact pedal that is built to last and take your sound to new levels. In this pedal, you get three different types including the awesome reverse echo, which is great for weird sounding solos or those ethereal middle 8ths in songs. A complete pedal board for under £150 done and dusted.

View a complete range of guitar effects over at the Dawsons website.