Cakewalk RE-2A Levelling Compressor - Reason Rack Extension

The Propellerhead Reason Rack Extension library expands with the Cakewalk RE-2A levelling compressor

The new Cakewalk RE-2A rack extension represents something of a landmark for Roland’s computer music division. This is the first plug-in developed for Propellerhead Reason, and it’s a very appealing proposition… Whereas Cakewalk/ Roland’s hardware products have been the backbone of many Reason-based systems since Propellerhead launched its software studio, until recently, the package was a closed system- i.e. it could not be expanded with third-party plug-in effects and instruments.

With the launch of Reason 6.5, however, this changed. An online shop allowed users to expand the Reason rack with virtual devices dubbed ‘Rack Extensions’. Since this update was unveiled, some of the biggest names in music technology have embraced the Rack Extensions format, and developed products for it, Cakewalk being the latest of these.

The RE-2A is a compressor that is based on one of the most revered and desirable levelling compressors ever made (I’ll let you guess which one… 😉 ), and with Cakewalk’s name (virtually) stamped on it, it promises to be an excellent addition to any Reason rack…

Cakewalk RE-2A Levelling Compressor - Reason Rack Extension

Warm, smooth compression with minimal distortion

The compressor on which the Cakewalk RE-2A is based, is undoubtedly one of audio engineering world’s most famous. Its optical photocell circuitry was paired with a classic tube design. The result was legendary, warm tonal character, and incredibly smooth compression with very little harmonic distortion. This makes it a great choice as a vocal compressor, or for any other dynamic recording in need of smooth, gentle compression. Its smooth, but warm character makes it a great choice as a bus compressor, or even mastering compressor, too.

This Propellerhead Reason Rack extension provides an accurate recreation of this classic compressor, with the convenience of being in a virtual rack. The beauty of the Rack Extensions format is that, like all of the rack units within Reason, they behave like real hardware, and can be rewired and re-routed into complex signal chains. The Cakewalk RE-2A also features a switch on its rear panel so that it can emulate the original’s photocell response, after long periods of silence (its attack response would be initially far slower).

Cakewalk RE-2A Levelling Compressor - Reason Rack Extension

Cakewalk’s commitment to the Rack Extension format further reinforces Propellerhead Reason ‘s position as one of the most powerful, flexible and inspiring music production software packages available. If you would like to become a part of the Reason 6.5 revolution, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420). Alternatively, follow the links above to Propellerhead products in our online store.

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