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Steinberg Cubase 7 and Cubase 7 Artist are here, with all new MixConsole, channel strip and even more…

Steinberg’s iconic DAW has been subject to its regular update: Cubase 7 and Cubase 7 Artist are set for release on December 5th. The seventh incarnation (well, actually it’s not the seventh, but that’s far too long and convoluted to explain…) promises even more in the way of functional improvements, a better sounding and more flexible console, new channel strip, better remote support, new EQ… the list goes on and on.

Cubase 7 Console

Ultra-flexible console

There could, arguably, be no bigger update to a DAW than to the console. It is at the heart of every single operation that takes place. The new MixConsole in Cubase 7 and Cubase 7 Artist has been completely overhauled. Totally scaleable, it allows speedy access to the parameters you need. In addition, Steinberg promises that it sounds better than ever.

The channel strip has also been subject to a complete update. After the noise gate, the compressor section now offers 3- compressor types: Standard, Vintage and Tube. The 4-band EQ offers spectrum analysis, and the addition of an envelope shaper, for sculpting transients, further adds to the sonic tools available. Beneath, a tape & tube saturator provides even more tonal colours, and a limiter (which includes a brickwall limiter and maximiser) provides the tools to add the final polish.

Cubase 7 Channel Strip

In line with current needs, Cubase 7 and Artist also feature an EBU R128 standard ‘loudness’ meter, which allows the user to ensure that their work is in line with the loudness required for the project. Remote support has been updated in version 7, too. A new Remote Control Editor provides a GUI to make assigning controllers straightforward.

Cubase 7 - Voxengo CurveEQ

The full Cubase 7 package (i.e. not Artist) also includes Voxengo’s excellent CurveEQ. This 64-band linear-phase or minimum phase spline-EQ provides pro spectral analysis and can even match the spectral curves of audio tracks.

In terms of MIDI, both Cubase 7 and Cubase 7 Artist feature the new Chord Track chord-editing tool. This makes changing chord sequences globally very easy. Changing a chord in the chord track can apply changes to all MIDI and Vari-audio processed tracks.

Cubase 7 Chord Track

There are far more features and updates than can be listed here. Beneath the surface, ASIO-guard protects against dropouts. Safe-start mode enables Cubase to be restarted without custom settings. Access to HD tutorial videos makes the transition easy, whilst the Steinberg Hub connects you to new updates and related info. Padshop and Retrologue are also now included. Plus even more….

For a limited time, a grace period upgrade to Cubase 7 or Cubase Artist 7 will be available. Anyone who has activated Cubase 6.5 or Artist 6.5 after Oct 25th is entitled to a free downloadable upgrade to the corresponding Cubase 7 version upon its launch.

Cubase 7 Remote Control Editor

If you would like to get your hands on Cubase 7 on launch day, this is the ideal plan. Call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420), or order Cubase 6 online today.

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