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Dawsons Music & Sound x Make Music Day 2021

Dawsons Music & Sound x Make Music Day 2021

Dawsons Music & Sound x Make Music Day 2021

We are proud to announce that Dawsons Music & Sound are getting involved in Make Music Day 2021 on Monday 21st June with an exclusive virtual event. We aim to capture the joyful spirit that comes with making music together whilst showcasing the talents of musicians both amateur and professional. We will host a feast of music as we showcase a myriad of talent amongst colleagues, customers, and collaborators.

We also want to shine the spotlight on mental health charities, music-related youth organisations, and music educators from across the UK who we believe deserve our love and support for everything they do to educate, facilitate, and motivate us all. From discovering how a tailor-made his journey back into DJ'ing, disconnected youth get empowered by a dreamer youth leader and we discover what we can all do to improve our mental health.

Event Info: Date, Time, and How to Watch!

When is it? 21st June 2021

What time is it on? 6:00 pm ‘til 7:30 pm

How to watch? Dawsons Music & Sound YouTube and Facebook

Why are Dawsons Music & Sound getting involved in Make Music Day?

At Dawsons Music & Sound, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the joy of making music than by throwing ourselves behind the Make Music Day initiative. Our ethos is to encourage, inform, and inspire all musicians from amateur to professional, beginner to expert, no matter the budding artist’s age or ability. We believe that music should be inclusive and as a family of musicians, we want everybody to share in the excitement we feel when we pick up and play our instruments, every day.

Dawsons Music & Sound x Make Music Day ’21 Virtual Event

To coincide with the Make Music Day ’21 festival, our team from across the UK are joining forces to curate a 90-minute Livestream that will include live performances from artists, bands, DJs, and Producers - some of whom are members of the Dawsons Music & Sound family.  We have music from a variety of artists ranging from indie rock to classical, DJ to singer-songwriter - something for everyone. 

Alongside in-store recordings from our Belfast and Manchester teams, the Livestream will comprise interviews, acoustic sessions, and live performances with footage from BBC Music Introducing LIVE and our DMS Presents Leeds Live event. There will even be a special performance of the Make Music Day ‘21 Anthem, “Stand By Me”, by a very talented young choir from NACN (Newtownabbey Arts and Culture Network).

We are delighted to feature in conversation the driving forces behind charities and organisations that are close to our heart such as Education & Bass, Keep Real, Oh Yeah Centre, and NACN.

Education & Bass

Education & Bass is the brainchild of Andrew Ferguson (Nomine aka Outrage), who recognised a growing audience of enthusiasts eager to understand how he crafted his music and how he embraced and integrated evolving technology, just as much as they loved his sets. Prior to gigs, he would provide Q&As, workshops, seminars, etc., to bridge the expanding gulf in music and music tech education.

Taking that idea online in 2017, the Education & Bass platform has been embraced by clubs and educational establishments across the globe with an ever-growing audience eager to take advantage of their carefully curated content covering a vast range of topics from creating arrangements to overcoming writer’s block.

Education & Bass boasts a treasure trove of content along with their unique mentor-led support system, which is designed to provide a holistic learning experience for anyone interested in learning about the music business, music theory, music production, and so much more.

Education & Bass Logo

Oh Yeah Music Centre

Oh Yeah Music Centre Logo

Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast is a dedicated hub for all things music from supporting music makers to music businesses. At the heart of the ‘Oh Yeah’ philosophy is that “music is a valuable agent in Northern Ireland, a catalyst that changes lives for the better”. Oh Yeah provides an affordable rehearsal space, a live venue, a music exhibition, a café space, a recording studio, a song-writing room, and workshop spaces.

The Oh Yeah vision was born in December 2005, from a conversation between Stuart Bailie, Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol, and some of Belfast’s dedicated music industry people. Since then, Oh Yeah has welcomed 180,000 visitors through the doors while more than 6,000 artists, musicians and DJs have used their facilities.

As well as providing office space for several dynamic projects and businesses within the building, Oh Yeah also offers a wide range of programmes that foster talent development, promotion and celebration, industry mentoring, youth development and community outreach, as well as arts and older people projects, music industry incubation, and music tourism and heritage.

Keep Real

Keep Real was formed in 2017 by founder, Kimberley Robinson, following successful completion of her degree in Counselling,  as a direct response to the growing concern of mental health issues in the community. Keep Real embraces the arts to promote a better understanding of mental health, as well as to proactively aid recovery and support longer lives lived better.

Utilising her background in Counselling alongside her passion for arts and music, Kimberley delivers creative mental health workshops, talks, and events with musicians and makers, which aim to support better mental health and wellbeing through a variety of interventions.

Keep Real Logo



NACN (Newtownabbey Arts and Culture Network) deliver workshops to young people aged 8-25 years old who are interested in the creative arts industry. NACN also supports young people across a wide range of platforms such as DJing, Singing, Performing Arts, and even film/multimedia production. Based in one of the most deprived areas of Northern Ireland, NACN Coole Studios aim to develop and enrich the lives of young people through active involvement in creative activities to promote well-being, quality of life, and health.

What is Make Music Day?

The idea for Make Music Day – also known as the Fête de la Musique - was conceived by Maurice Fleuret, then Director of Music and Dance at the French Ministry of Culture, back in the early 1980s. The findings of a survey conducted by the French government in 1982 revealed that a whopping five million people in the country played a musical instrument, including one young person out of two. However, hardly any musical events organised included these people.

Maurice Fleuret ruminated on this information and wondered how these budding artists could be engaged? How about an inclusive event that allows musicians of all ages and backgrounds to express themselves to the world? Thus, on 21 June 1982 – the Summer solstice -, the Fête de la Musique came to life, a celebration of music and music performance for everyone from amateur to professional. Though there was limited time for preparation the event was embraced by the public with thousands of initiatives and events taking place in whatever pocket of performance space was available from gardens to public squares, train stations to street corners and beyond.

Moving along a decade to the early ‘90s, and the Fête de la Musique was a truly global event with eighty-five countries across five continents hosting events supporting Music Day, World Music Day, or Make Music Day (as it is known in the UK), on the 21 June. Fast forward again to 2020 and 125 countries participated in the Make Music Day festival.

The annual Make Music Day event in the UK has grown in popularity year on year since its arrival in 2012. A small but dedicated team who work throughout the year to coordinate, engage, inspire, and promote a passion for music and music performance. In 2019 nearly 30,000 people took part, and in 2020 through one of the most trying periods in modern times for everyone, a staggering 531,726 people viewed proceedings (mostly online) and were uplifted by the passion and positivity of the performers involved.