Db20 by Studio D: The Spirit of Musical Collaboration

Db20 by Studio D: The Spirit of Musical Collaboration

08th Sep 2020 @ 10:00 | Jon Whittaker

2020. A year to forget but one that will live long in the memory of us all. We have experienced a shared global event that comes once in a generation and has brought with it much confusion, frustration, and isolation.  

We have seen extraordinary efforts made to keep the dream alive during lockdown via streamed gigs and performances. Yet artists, creatives, and musicians across the music industry remain significantly affected in their ability to create, perform, and most importantly, earn a living. 

Launching Db20 in partnership with Yamaha and Aston Microphones 

Dawsons Music & Sound Ltd in partnership with Yamaha and Aston Microphones are proud to present Db20, a competition that we hope will encourage young musicians to get creative, collaborate with other members of the music community, and inspire others through their journey. 

As fellow musicians, we know that nothing comes close to the buzz of jamming with other like-minded folks. At a time of social isolation, we are embracing the spirit of harmony and championing the joy of musical collaboration with the launch of Db20 by Studio D in partnership with Yamaha and Aston Microphones. 

Db20 by Studio D aims to shine a light on the exceptional musical talent of young artists aged 18-24 across the UK & Ireland by offering a unique opportunity to showcase their skills to a global audience, make incredible music, and win amazing prizes in the process.  We want to see 1-minute videos showcasing original compositions in 3 styles to find the best of the best.  See the rules of entry below for the full info. 


We can confidently say that both Yamaha and Aston have gone above and beyond our expectations with the awesome prizes on offer: 

6 x Winners will each receive:  

  • £1000 worth of Dawsons Music & Sound Ltd vouchers applicable to spend on Yamaha, Ampeg or Line 6 products  

  • Aston Element Microphone Bundle which launches later this year PLUS Halo Reflection Filter. 

6 x Runners-up will each receive:  

  • £250 worth of Dawsons Music & Sound Ltd vouchers applicable to spend on Yamaha, Ampeg, or Line 6 products  

  • Aston Element Microphone Bundle which launches later this year

How To Enter 

Entries are submitted as an MP4 video file and emailed to db20@dawsons.co.uk.

There are 6 instrument categories that cover vocals, guitar, bass, drums, brass, and keys. Two finalists will be selected from each category. Finally, an overall winner will be chosen from the finalists in each category. 

All entries will be judged on the following key criteria shown below to select the top finalists: 

Originality: We want compositions that aren’t derivative of other’s work and showcase fresh musical approach. 

Musicality: Demonstrates the ability to confidently express themselves via their instrument and music. 

Performance: Demonstrates the ability to stand out from the crowd and has a unique quality that sets them apart. 

Each entrant must submit a 1-minute video composition or song highlighting 3 different musical styles. Each entry must have a title. All entries must be recorded from start to finish, including all sections of the composition. Recordings must include the entrant’s instruments only without accompaniment. 

Entrants do not need to submit professionally recorded tracks as they will be judged on their musicianship and technical ability, songwriting skills, the versatility of musical styles, and their ability to stand out amongst all others. 

Files should be named as the entrant’s name_ category entered ie) johnsmith_vocals. Entrants must submit tracks with accompanying lyrics where necessary. Recordings must include the entrant’s instruments only without accompaniment.

For any queries please contact db20@dawsons.co.uk.

Db20 by Studio D is just the beginning

By drawing together a band of gifted musicians, let us stand united during this time of uncertainty, create something awesome, and offer a beacon of hope to others the music community. With a little determination and through the spirit of collaboration we will overcome this situation. 

We in the Dawsons Music & Sound family remain optimistic about the future, and we want to share that sentiment with everyone. We are not writing-off 2020 just yet and believe that as a collective we will end this year on a high note. We love music, we love musicians, and we want to support you every step of the way.

Andrew M. Oliver, Managing Director of Dawsons Music & Sound Ltd. stated: 

“The ethos of this competition is everything Dawsons Music & Sound Ltd is all about. We’re passionate about music and encouraging talent, creativity, collaboration and fun in a year which has been really tough for everyone. I'd like to personally thank Yamaha and Aston for their support with this competition, and I can’t wait to hear the incredible talent Db20 will introduce us to.”

Further Information

Full details about Rules & Guidelines can be found here.

For any queries please contact db20@dawsons.co.uk.

About Studio D 

Throughout its 122-year history, Dawsons Music & Sound Ltd has been a trusted source for those seeking information on all things musical instrument-related. From beginners searching for advice on what to purchase when acquiring their first instrument, parents looking to set their children off on their musical journey or those taking up a hobby to discerning artists and seasoned pros, everyone is given the same courtesy and practical advice to suit their needs. As equipment and technology advanced through the decades so too did Dawsons’ reach to a global online audience.  

Studio D is a growing online hub for artists, musicians, producers and more who want access to the wealth of knowledge within Dawsons Music & Sound Ltd. Buying guides covering every instrument that you can imagine, how-to articles that promote a DIY ethic, and up-to-date information across the music industry and product information. 

In time Studio D will evolve to become a platform for up-and-coming artists who want to reach a wider audience for their music and to find others to collaborate with. Generating a sense of belonging is important during this time when many feel so disconnected; Studio D aims to help the next generation of artists find their way as well as each other.  

About Yamaha 

A brand synonymous with quality with a name that adorns the instruments of some of the world’s most inspirational and successful artists - it can only be Yamaha. Plus, with industry-leading Line 6, Steinberg, and Ampeg in their stable, Yamaha has all bases covered whatever instrument – or should that be instruments - you prefer. 

As well as producing ground-breaking musical instruments and pushing the boundaries of music tech, the team at Yamaha are passionate about Music Education and supporting up-and-coming artists whatever their instrument, whatever their style. 

The list of luminaries who rely on Yamaha’s instruments and gear is far too long to go into here, but when you can count the likes of Larnell Lewis (Snarky Puppy), Jamie Cullum, and Jools Holland amongst your roster of artists, you know that you are doing something right. 

About Aston Microphones 

Aston Microphones was established in 2015 and launched to market with the Origin and Spirit mics in January 2016. The only UK mainstream mic manufacturer, Aston have been nominated for 3 TEC Awards, won NAMM Best in Show for the Aston Starlight, and won the 2020 TAC Award for Excellence and Innovation for the Aston Stealth in January of this year, the first Pro-Audio company in any sector to ever achieve such a feat.

Seen in legendary studios the world over and used by major artists like Drake, Stevie Wonder, Coldplay, Noel Gallagher, Limp Bizkit, Queens of the Stone Age and many, many more, Aston are THE microphone brand of the decade, and the launch of ‘Element’ in October 2020 sees them bring their first entry-level studio mic to market.

Aston is, put simply, the mic brand of the moment, so if you haven’t already checked them out, time to get cracking.

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