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Replace Pots and Pans with a Digital Drum Kit This Christmas

Replace Pots and Pans with a Digital Drum Kit This Christmas

If someone in your life is hitting the pots and pans in your house like this guy, why not give them a digital drum kit?

There are many people who have argued the case for a having a digital drum kit in their life, and many who have demonstrated their ‘natural ability’ by hitting a desk, or even pots and pans, as evidence to support their claim.

I suspect that very few would be able to deliver a demonstration of talent like the chap in the video above, however. Though, if you did, I suspect convincing your wife/ husband/ partner that you need a digital kit wouldn’t be much of a problem…

With a collection of buckets, pots and what appears to be a radiator (?), street drummer Joshua Rodriguez delivers a performance that puts most acoustic drum kit players to shame.

If you, or your intended recipient, hit pots and pans, the desk, the TV, with this enthusiasm (if not technical skill…) we have a great range of digital drum kit offers that are not to be missed this Christmas.

Yamaha DTX400K Digital Drum Kit

Yamaha DTX400K – £399 Including FREE delivery

The Yamaha DTX400K is the entry-level kit in the Yamaha range. With high quality sounds, many of which are sampled from Yamaha’s acoustic drum kits, plus onboard coaching exercises and more, this superbly built kit is a real bargain.

Roland TD-1K

Roland TD1K V-Drums – £399 Including FREE Delivery

In recent times, one range more than any other has dominated the digital drum world: Roland V-Drums. The TD-1 is the new entry-level kit in the V-Drum range, offering an easy to use, but great sounding bank of preset kits, with Roland’s famous trigger pads and build quality. In addition, it is designed with a compact, height-adjustable frame- ideal for easy storage and practical use for all ages.

Alesis DM6 Digital Drum Kit

Alesis DM6 Bundle – £309 Including FREE Delivery

The most affordable digital drum kit we sell does not skimp on features. The DM6 has 108 sounds with 10 preset kits and five memories for user kits. Remarkably, it even has a dual trigger snare pad, meaning that a different sound can be assigned to the rim and the head- unprecedented at this low price.

So, if you’ve grown weary op the constant thudding of table tops being tapped, cups being played with pens, or cooking pots being played, or perhaps you just want to indulge the ‘inner John Bonham’ in someone you love. Try one of these great deals, and make an aspiring drummer very happy…

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