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3 Of The Best DJ Headphones

3 Of The Best DJ Headphones

Updated 29/11/16

There’s a wealth of products claiming to be DJ headphones available – we take a look at 3 of the best

It’s easy to think that all headphones are all fundamentally the same. Whilst you would expect a difference in quality between an expensive pair and a cheaper pair, they all do the same thing, right?

Well, yes and no. Yes, the manner in which just about all headphones work is pretty much the same on every set of headphones- employing transducers to change an electrical signal back into an audio signal.

However, headphones are designed for a wide variety of situations and function, and as such, certain headphones are better for certain uses.

DJ headphones provide an excellent example of this. There are certain things that a DJ will need from a set of headphones, due to the uniqueness of the situation they use the in.

Firstly, they need to be tough- they will most likely be carried from gig to gig in a bag, and will endure knocks, drops, and the occasional kick and stomp when in use.

There are, of course, other touches that may make a pair of DJ headphones even more convenient.

Here we take a look at three of the best pairs of DJ headphones around.

Sennheiser HD 25 Plus Monitoring Headphones

Sennheiser HD 25 Plus Monitoring Headphones

The Sennheiser HD-25 series of headphones have long been favourites among DJs and producers alike. Punchy and accurate, the HD-25 plus provide a detailed picture of your mix. The high maximum sound pressure level means that in those situations where you need to turn things up, your cans won’t be plagued by distortion. But, with a closed back design, and excellent isolation, those situations are few and far between

The HD-25 Plus Monitoring Headphones, including the basic models, are also incredibly tough. Plus, their headband design is lightweight and comfortable to reduce fatigue during long periods of wear– ideal for mixing.

DJ Headphones - Pioneer HDJ-500 black

Pioneer HDJ-500 – £79.00

Is there a bigger DJ brand than Pioneer? Its headphones are built with the same attention to detail and DJ focused design. The HD-500s are one the most popular models Pioneer has ever produced.

Tonally, these headphones reproduce audio with the detailed and punchy mids DJs need to cue-up. However, they’re also one of the nicest sets of DJ headphones just to listen to music on, too.

Physically, like all Pioneer DJ products, the HDJ500s are tough, comfortable, impeccably built, and rather stylish, too. A 60-degree swivel on the right cup makes one-ear monitoring easy and comfortable, and the inclusion of both a straight and coiled cord is a very nice touch.

DJ headphones aiaiai tma-2

AIAIAI TMA-2 DJ Preset Headphones – £149.99

It’s no secret that AIAIAI make great headphones, with the likes of Mixmag, DJ Techtools and Wired all having extremely positive things to say about the brand due to their focus on creating DJ products that always perform well.

The interchangeable and adjustable earphones on the TMA-2 offer a level of customisation perfect for those who want more options, whilst the crystal clear sound quality and 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range will keep audiophiles happy.

The focus on functionality lends itself to more “excitable” DJ’s.  For example,  the cable lock ensures when you’re rocking out onstage you can’t pull the jack out of the mixer accidentally – let’s face it, it happens!

In terms of design, the TMA-2 weighs in at just under 200g without the cable and the comfortable ear pads mean you won’t suffer earache after a 9 hour recording session or all night DJ set.

Featuring dynamic 40mm closed titanium coated drivers and 117 dB sound pressure level for a powerful sound, AIAIAI prove yet again that they know exactly what DJ’s need and offer affordable, rugged and reliable products for professionals.

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