The Dr Tone PSU10 Power Supply, the perfect stocking filler for the guitarist…

The Dr Tone PSU10 Power Supply could be the stocking filler that you’ve been looking for. If the guitarist in your life has an armoury of guitar effect pedals, (alongside a rack full of guitars, several amps, bags and bags of cables) then you may have noticed the huge number of batteries that they constantly buy. This is because every single one of those effects pedals requires its own battery, which, obviously, runs out after a certain amount of usage. Rechargeable batteries are one option. The most convenient, however, is a dedicated power supply pedal, such as the Dr Tone PSU10.

Power up to ten guitar effect pedals!

Unlike many pedals of this type, which use a cable to ‘daisy-chain’ pedals, the Dr Tone PSU10 Power Supply has separate sockets on the unit itself, each for connecting to a different effect pedal. There are ten of these power connections in total, meaning it is more than capable of powering the most extensive of pedal boards. Very conveniently, whilst eight of the power connections are the more standard 9V type, two are adjustable between 6, 9 or 12V. So, there is no need to panic if there is an effect pedal with a non-standard power supply- most should be able to be powered by the PSU10.

Another nice aspect of the Dr Tone PSU10 ‘s design is the fact that it has the footprint of a standard effect pedal, so it will fit easily on a standard pedal board. With bright, purple blue LEDs, and on/off switch, it is also very clear when the unit is powered on.

The Dr Tone PSU10 is packaged as a complete solution, and so includes its own power supply, along with all of the power connector cables to get it rigged up to your pedals. The PSU10 is a real ‘problem solver’ gift, and makes life so much easier for the guitarist who uses a selection of effects pedals. Whilst it is ideal for the vast majority of effect pedals, however, it is always essential to check compatibility before connecting any pedals and powering on. If you have any issues checking this, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420), who will be able to help.
The Dr Tone PSU10 Power supply is available now, currently priced at just £39.99 . Visit our stores to try the Dr Tone Range, or alternatively, order online today.

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