Drum practice can seem like a bit of a chore, at times. Like practicing all musical instruments, making it fun and ensuring that it fits into your life easily is key to making seem less like a task, and more like a few hours of indulgence.

Practice aids are a great way of achieving this. Here are some great choices…

Korg MA-1 Metronome

Korg MA-1 Metronome

One of the best and easiest ways to improve your drum practice sessions is by use of a metronome. If you want to improve your natural timekeeping, it’s best to start with some guidance. A metronome will supply just that.

The best way of learning complex techniques is to slow them down first. Use a metronome, and you’ll have a ready-made ‘grid’ to keep you in time. Then, you can gradually speed things up.

You can then use it challenge yourself, by ramping up the tempo, and keeping your beats locked.

Ahead Practice Pad 7 Inch

Ahead Practice Pad 7 Inch

It’s not always convenient to play a full drum kit. Noise is always an issue with acoustic kits, if they’re in a family home, and you can’t exactly carry a drum kit around with you…

However, drum practice pads have been the drummer’s solution of choice for decades. The 7 inch Ahead Practice Pad can be mounted to an 8mm cymbal stand for realistic set up. You can even place it on a table or your lap to practice those tricky paradiddles.

Whether you’re a gigging musician or simply learning how to play and want to keep your skills sharp, put this in your bag with a set of sticks, and you can practice rudiments pretty much anywhere.

Roland Friend Jam – FREE!

Drum Practice Tools - Roland Friend Jam

Roland has been rapidly developing apps for Apple’s iOS that expand the functionality of their products. Their V-Drum range has benefited hugely from this new focus.

Friend Jam is a free app for iPhone or iPad that allows users to take part in practice exercises by hooking up their V-Drum kit (compatible models only) via USB, or via the Roland wireless adaptor.

Roland Friend Jam Battle- Dawsons Liverpool

This aim to improve various aspects of technique, but are all presented as a sort of game with the player’s performance scored at the end. This score is then placed onto worldwide leader board – you can compete with drummers all over the world.
What better to encourage drum practice than a bit of friendly, international competition?

There are no excuses not to get some serious drum practice now… 😉

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