Updated 22/11/16

Epiphone Genesis Deluxe Pro

The launch Epiphone Genesis Deluxe Pro brings a lesser-known classic back to the World

The Epiphone Genesis Deluxe Pro Ltd. Edition has been unveiled, bringing a classic, but less commonly known Epiphone model from the late ‘70s back to the fore. The Genesis has not been in production since 1981, though the double-cutaway solid body guitar has a cult following of fans that sing its praises. Something of a collectors’ item, the Genesis was originally advertised with the slogan ‘Some Like It Hot’. And, with a combination of coil-tapped humbuckers, and solid mahogany body, this versatile tone machine certainly had a lot of guitarists getting warm under the collar…

The new Epiphone Genesis Deluxe Pro revives this forgotten classic, and adds some modern touches to make it more powerful and versatile than ever.

Epiphone Genesis 1970s advert

Classic Genesis design, with modern hardware and features

The Epiphone Genesis Deluxe Pro combines features from the three Genesis models that were available originally, and manages to add in some nice new ones. So, the solid mahogany body, held responsible for the lovely warm tones that could be wrung from the guitar, remains. But, according to early specs that have emerged (these have yet to be fully confirmed) the new model will feature an eye catching AAA quilt maple veneer.

Epiphone Genesis Deluxe Pro

The neck follows the template outlined in the early guitars, being a mahogany, glued in design. This is carved to a SlimTaper D profile, providing fast, comfortable playability, and finished with rosewood fretboard, complete with trapezoid inlays.

Epiphone Genesis Deluxe Pro Pickup

The humbuckers are perhaps the biggest difference between the modern Genesis Deluxe Pro and the original. The modern guitar is loaded with two ProBucker humbuckers. These pickups are based on the classic PAF humbuckers that provided the voice of early Les Pauls. With Alnico II magnets, these deliver warm, rich low frequency harmonics and creamy, smooth high frequencies. And, as you might expect, these can certainly roar when pushed to overdrive. Like the originals, these are also coil-tapped. Pickups can be split into single coils via push-pull volume switches. This means the Epiphone Genesis Deluxe Pro can turn in tones for anything from Jazz to metal and everything between. A Locktone bridge and Grover tuners keep everything well anchored and stable.

The Epiphone Genesis Deluxe Pro was a Ltd edition release that was available in four finishes: Black Cherry, Midnight Ebony, Midnight Sapphire, and Vintage Sunburst. Although no longer available, you can view a huge range of great Epiphone electric guitars over at the Dawsons website.

Epiphone Genesis Deluxe Pro Case