Farida A-SR Steve Rothery Acoustic Guitar

Steve Rothery’s Farida A-SR is currently being put to good use on Marillion’s European tour…

The Farida A-SR Steve Rothery Signature acoustic guitar is undoubtedly one of the finest acoustic guitars to come through our doors in the last 12-months. Created as part of the Artist Designed range, Steve and the luthiers at Farida came together to produce an instrument that was as a close to Steve’s perfect ‘no-compromise’ acoustic guitar as was possible. The result is a truly incredible instrument.

Marillion - Sounds That Can't Be Made

Steve has been using the guitar for both recording and live duties, ever since he received his initial prototype whilst working on new material at Peter Gabriel’s internationally renowned Real World Studios. Steve and the band have been in the studio recording the eagerly awaited new Marillion album ‘Sounds That Can’t Be Made’, but have now embarked on a European tour, where they’ve been filling venues from Amsterdam to Oslo (with, of course, the Farida A-SR in Steve’s arsenal).

Farida A-SR Steve Rothery Acoustic Guitar

There are still some limited edition Farida A-SR Steve Rothery guitars available…

If you missed the early posts about the Farida A-SR Steve Rothery, allow me to fill you in… The concept of the Artist Designed range is to produce an artist’s ideal, no compromise guitar, and release a production run limited to just 25 numbered units.

This makes the guitars highly collectable, and desirable. But, as they are designed by the artist and have prices that belie the quality of the instruments, they act as an antidote to some of the ‘cash-in’ artist associations that some signature models are guilty of.

Farida A-SR Steve Rothery Signature Acoustic Guitar

The Farida A-SR is a great example of this. Based on an ‘A’ series body shape, this is a physically small acoustic guitar. In terms of tone, however, the A-SR sounds huge.

Constructed with the classic combination of a premium spruce top, and rosewood back and sides, the guitar has sweet, supple, mids and upper frequencies as a result of the spruce, backed up with the warm, rich low-end harmonics from quality rosewood.

Slightly more unusually, the guitar is finished with satin lacquer, rather than a thicker gloss, which adds an ‘open-ness’ to the tone, whilst providing more volume.

Farida A-SR Steve Rothery Signature Acoustic Guitar

A Fishman Aura blend pre-amp ensures that the guitar sounds great when amplified, allowing an under saddle pickup and soundhole mic to be ‘blended’ between, to find the perfect tone. A Celtic knot logo adds an understated cosmetic touch to this already beautiful guitar.

The Farida A-SR Steve Rothery is a truly stunning guitar, and if you’d like to own one of these very limited edition instruments, we still have some available. Call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420) for availability, or to order.

Marillion are due to head out on the UK leg of their tour in September. Full dates can be found here.
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