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Farida Bombay Bicycle Club Guitars – Band Q & A

Farida Bombay Bicycle Club Guitars – Band Q & A

They’re one of the UK’s most repected bands, and Farida endorsees – Jamie and Jack tell us about the Farida Bombay Bicycle Club Guitars

Farida Bombay Bicycle Club Guitars

Whilst some bands court publicity, and tweak image constantly, a select few just get on with the job of making great music, quietly building a reputation and collecting critical acclaim, without the merest hint of ego.

London’s Bombay Bicycle Club most definitely falls into this category. They have been steadily creating a body of music that has won over audiences and critics alike since 2005. Just two years into their career, NME had labelled them ‘…the hottest band to come out of North London for quite some time’.

The band now has three acclaimed albums under its belt, and a forth due early next year.

Farida Bombay Bicycle Club Guitars

We’re very pleased to say that Jamie MacColl and Jack Steadman, the two guitarists from the band, are the latest players to receive a Farida Artist Designed model.

Here, they tell us about the Farida Bombay Bicycle Club Guitars, and how the design process that led them to these two incredible instruments.

Farida Bombay Bicycle Club Guitars - A62 JM

Hi Jamie, thanks for your time. There are some quite unique touches to your guitar. What was the thinking behind the shape, finish, and other detail?

Jamie MacColl (JM): I’ve always liked smaller bodied ‘folk’ guitars, but also for its sound. It certainly suits what I play live. Unlike bigger and boomier, dreadnaught or jumbo style guitars it provides clarity for hard strumming.

Farida Bombay Bicycle Club Guitars - A62 JM

In terms of finish, we both are far more interested in playability than having a fussy design and in fact I think there’s far more beauty to be found in something simple.

JM: We use LR Baggs M1s’ on all of our acoustics so it was natural we’d want them on our signature guitars! I’ve always maintained that they’re the best pick-ups around.

The star logo I’ve chosen was used on the cover for our single ‘lights out, words gone’, but I also have it tattooed on my arm. I liked the idea of the aesthetic of the guitar becoming an extension of my own body.

Farida Bombay Bicycle Club Guitars - A62 JM

It looks and sounds great- what was your first impression of the prototypes?

JM: My first impression was that the focus on the guitars was in keeping with our own; they were extremely playable, which isn’t something you can always say about a brand new acoustic.

Farida Bombay Bicycle Club Guitars

How does it feel to have your own design to play?

JM: I’m really proud because I think it’s a really great guitar.

Farida Bombay Bicycle Club Guitars - A52 JS

Hi Jack, it’s pretty clear you have similar tastes, in some respects, to Jamie. What influenced your choices when designing your guitar?

Jack Steadman: I wanted to design a very minimalist looking guitar. When you’re using wood this good, it speaks for itself without needing flashy designs all over it. Hence the lack of finish and no sound hole decorations.

I also removed the strap buttons (because I never use a strap with an acoustic guitar), as well as the fret markers, because one should be learning to play with their eyes closed…

What was your first impression of the prototypes?

I thought the prototypes sounded amazing, which was the most important thing. I did, however, think they weren’t very interesting looking. That’s when I decided to strip them down some more and make them more unique.

Farida Bombay Bicycle Club Guitars - A52 JS

Thanks for your time guys – looking forward to the new album.

It wouldn’t be right to talk about these new guitars without letting you hear them. Thankfully, Jamie and Jack took some time out to record this great demo in their studio.

The guys, as ever, sound great, but the Farida Bombay Bicycle Guitars sound incredible, too.

Both models are due to arrive very soon, with each limited to a production run of no more than 25 units.

Farida Bombay Bicycle Club Guitars

If you would like more information, to register your interest, or to pre-order, call our customer service team on (01925 582420).

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