Farida CT-20 Wombats ‘Murph’ Artist Designed Guitar

The Wombats front man Murph gets an Artist Designed model – the Farida CT-20 Wombats

The Artist Designed range continues to expand, and this time, the Farida CT-20 Wombats provides the front man from Liverpool’s finest exponents of guitar pop with an axe of his own unique specification.

To say that The Wombats have written an occasional  ‘big tune’ is an understatement of some magnitude. The Liverpool-based band has released catalogue of sure-fire-hit singles that have become an essential part of any indie DJ’s library. If the dance floor is looking a little thin, you can always rely on ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division’, ‘Backfire At The Disco’ and ‘Moving To New York’ to unite the masses into a sweaty, heaving mass (in the nicest way, of course).

The Farida CT-20 Wombats reflects the band’s straight –head, yet unique vibe and attitude. Beautifully finished with retro styling and with seemingly simplistic onboard electronics, this Artist Designed model has a few tricks up its sleeve…

Farida CT-20 Wombats

Only 25 units Worldwide!

The Farida CT-20 Wombats has been created in the same manner as previous Artist Designed models. The artist, in this case Murph, is offered the chance to specify a totally ‘no-compromise’ guitar, and the talented craftsmen at Farida make this guitar a reality. Just 25 individually numbered instruments are then produced, and sold to a very small number of lucky people.

The Farida CT-20 Wombats model is very pretty looking instrument to say the least. The guitar body is a very distinctive double cutaway shape, and finished with a retro, vintage-blue sparkle finish. Unlike many sparkle finishes, this isn’t the densely glitter-packed type commonly seen, and is a lot more, well, subtle (if you can call a sparkle finish subtle… 😉 )

Farida CT-20 Wombats - Headstock

A 2-ply white on black scratchplate contrasts nicely with the finish. The neck is maple, with a rosewood fingerboard, and a Wombats logo is screen-printed onto the headstock. The bridge is a vintage style, 3-saddle type, which pair up nicely with the two single-coil pickups.

The electronics on the guitar are where the Farida CT-20 Wombats is really quite unique. Its two single coil pickups are wired via a unique Doug Abraham T-Bucker circuit. This allows the two to be ganged together to create a wide-spaced ‘humbucker’ via a push-pull volume knob. In fact, the guitar has no pick-up selector switch, eschewing it for a kill switch. Very cool stuff.

Farida CT-20 Wombats - Body

Each of the 25 individually numbered Farida CT-20 Wombats guitars will ship with a hard case, signed certificates and Farida Artist Designed dog tags. No release date has yet been set, but Murph has been playing his new guitar prototype extensively since he got it, including on the band’s recent antics, hopping the Atlantic Ocean several times in a week in a private jet, to fulfil gigging duties on both sides of ‘the pond’.
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Matthew Murphy - The Wombats